30 Days of Miracles

30 Days of Miracles is the first step toward your rock awesome HOT LIFE & HOT LOVE.

In these 30 days you will create amazing shifts both internally and externally.  Imagine the possibility of being happy with your life as is,

In these 30 days you will create amazing shifts both internally and externally.

Imagine the possibilities of having these miracles….

–  You being happy, prosperous, and successful with your life.

–  Your kids are thriving, loving, and respectful to you and their world.

–  You being loved, adored, and cherished by your man and your community.

–  You being hot and sexy, on fire, excited, focus, purposeful, and making great money to honor yourself and your work.

–  You having inspirational and positive impacts to your children, family, and the world.

30 Days Of Miracles is the first step toward these possibilities.

“Can I really make miracles happen in 30 days?”  You might be asking in your head right now.  The answer is “ Yes, and….”


  • Miracle Rounds start every Saturday of the year, except December
  • Group calls are on the  1st and 3rd Saturday of the month from 9am-10am PST


  • Guided journaling based on Make Miracles in 40 Days by Melody Beattie to provide RELIEF.
  • An assigned partner to email daily to provide ACCEPTANCE.
  • Weekly MIRACLE MAKING group calls to SPEED UP and DEEPEN our process and discover new INSIGHTS.
  • Personal review of your list by trained coach to give you CLARITY.
  • Private Rewind site to listen or re-listen to calls for those Saturday’s you can’t make the call.
  • Lifetime membership to an international private community of miracle-makers via Facebook.



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