Miracle Sighting #1: Making Space for My New Man

40 Days 40 Miracles: “Now I’m Ready For my New Relationship.”

One of our 40 Days 40 Miracles (40/40) member reported on a miracle that she is receiving right now in her life, after having done the first round of 40/40 about two months ago.

On The Way To Manifesting My Dream Man…

by Carma Spence

Here’s a delayed miracle for you: I’ve been following a number of dating and relationship gurus because one of my goals is to find my life partner. One piece of advice I’ve been resisting is to make space for him in my home … clear a drawer, give him space on “his” side of the bed, etc.

I’ve used the excuse that I live in a tiny apartment and have lots of stuff for not doing it. But, as of today, I realize that what was really going on was I was not fully ready to be open to have a new man in my life.

I’m ready now.

Making space for my new man to come into my life.

A few days ago, I took the winter tops that filled one drawer and put them in a suitcase so that my man (whoever he ends up being) can have a drawer to keep his things in.Then, yesterday, I moved the AbLounge out of the bedroom, moved the bed further from the wall, and moved the clothes hanger to the side with more room. I even put a box on “his” side, covered it with a nice cloth and added a candle so he could have a “nightstand,” too.The reason behind this was to make it more inviting (and equal) for his side of the bed. He no longer has to crawl out on the tight short side of the bed, fighting with hanging clothes, or crawl over me to go to the bathroom at night. The room has been rearranged for two.But what resulted (and surprised the heck out of me) is this: I now love my bedroom. I actually want to spend time in it. It is so much more open and inviting for ME. Who cares about this future guy … I like my space better. Who would have thunk, eh?And another perk: No that the AbLounge is in front of the TV, I think I’ll actually use it for something other than a coat rack!

Carma’s sharing was originally posted on our private FB group.  With her permission, I am sharing her experience here, along with some of our comments to her post:
  • Lenora Cooper Mazol freaking tov! I also did this same process and found that I also liked my room and my space much better afterwards. While the person with whom I am now involved is not likely my life partner, it feels so good to me to have made room for him in my bed and in my life. Everything feels so much more spacious and welcoming.
  • Mai Vu For me this is not a delayed miracle but a miracle deeper than the miracle that you thought you want. You thought you wanted a man but you got something so much deeper, which is you got a relationship with yourself that you love. From there, you will attract the man or the men that will treat you like you treat yourself. wooohooo hurray, a bonus: two for one deal. and it wont make you fat!!!
  • Carma Spence Ha! I love it Mai.  A benefit that doesn’t make me fat. Kind of like coloring my hair in celebration of completing my book last weekend.
One point though … the word delay was used primarily as a way of conveying it happened after the group I participated in last time. All miracles happen in their own time, and so this happened in its perfect time. And I am sooooo loving my bedroom! ;-)Yes, it is a deeper miracle … and I am so grateful for the guy who inspired it. Whether we become an item or not is irrelevant. He was sent to me as a teacher and I am eagerly accepting the lessons I notice. I am a sponge. I am open and ready to receive and am actively (and inactively) releasing all the blocks I’ve nurtured over the years that block my receiving. I am grateful for the protection they gave me. But I am now ready to remove the training wheels and step fully into the life I was born to lead.I am like water and an open vessel for which the water to rest.

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