Mai Vu – Coach of the Coaches

Heal & Thrive: Divorced Women and Couples in Crisis

An expert in transforming crisis into harmony, Mai Vu is the coaches’ coach, having more than 15 years of coaching people from all walks of life: executives, couples, women in leadership, and entrepreneurial women and men.  She is now dedicating her focus to work with women who are divorced and dating again.

Mai has trained over 1000 life coaches for the Coaches Training Institute.  She also co-designed the Slow Sex coaching program for OneTaste in San Francisco. Mai is the first certified Asian Female Co-active Coach in the world and has accomplished over 25 000 hours of coaching.  She is the founder of MaiVu Coach, The Reinvention Circle & Sex Lies and Consciousness.

I am dedicating myself to work with divorced women who are dating again because this is where the stability of life resides: in US, WOMEN.  When we are happy, grounded, in love, balanced with career, children, and romantic relationship, we are juicy, sexy, confident, and have overflowing love to give to life.  Everyone around us will benefit from it.  When we are unstable either looking for love, or struggling with the many pieces of life, we are a mess and have very little to give.  Furthermore, WE DESERVE to be loved, to be in great relationships, to have our children respect us and learn from us, and to be deeply happy.  Unfortunately how we are approaching dating mostly is all wrong — Yup, we are reapplying what we learned from our teen years on how and the old reasons to get a man.  This is screwing us up!”

A lover of learning and personal growth, Mai holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Masters degree in Organizational Development, is a CPCC Certified Professional Coactive Coach, a Reiki 2 level Healer, a budding yet amazing energetics healer and a lifelong practitioner of yoga and Vipassana meditation.

In November of 2012 Mai brought her signature work: Loving Your 3 Ps (Your Peasant, Princess, and Priestess) to Sweden.  She was featured in two Swedish magazines, Nära and

image: Mai Vu - Coaching couples and divorced moms who are dating again
Mai Vu – Coaching couples in crisis and divorced moms who are dating again

 “Mai, I love your 3Ps so much, I wish that you would make it available to all the women in the world.”  Linda – California

“Ever since I started the Loving Your 3 Ps program, my relationship with my boy’s dad has changed completely at home.  I am so grateful.”  Jessica – Sweden

“Your 3Ps concept has helped me so much to deal with work, my crazy boss, and how to be around all of these men.  I am starting to see that I am only scratching the surface of who I truly am and what I am capable of.”  Annie – Dubai

About MaiVu Coach

MaiVu Coach gives you access to all aspects of Mai, all the things that she is working on: Mai’s Crisis Coaching, her programs for personal growth and break-throughs like 40 Days and 40 Miracles and Loving Your 3 P’s.  You will also see an emerging body of work, integrating sexuality and leadership.  Even though it is not widely known or recognized, sexual power and leadership are inter-related.  How we handle our sexual energy determines how we lead our self and relate to people.

sexliesandconsciousness logo reinventioncircle.comWe would also like to introduce to you The Reinvention Circle and Sex Lies and Consciousness.


Mai’s rapidly growing brand, Sex Lies and Consciousness, a safe place for sexy, awakening and career oriented women to have her cake and eat it too.  We champions women to reclaim their sexuality and reignite their dead or boring marriage.
Sex Lies and Consciousness hosts a team of experts who lead workshops, write powerful blogs, do one on one coaching and produce a radio show that reaches over 6000 listeners a month.
In her spare time, Mai is the co-founder of “The Reinvention Circle”, an answer to millions who feel restless at various points of their lives and feel the pull to re-invent themselves and the world at large. In the 3 module, 10 month program, participants move forward with the vision that “Together we’re on a mission to reinvent the world by reinventing ourselves.” The Reinvention Circle Radio show reaches over 4000 listeners a month.