Affirmation Made Easy!

Affirmation is the quickest way to make change. And affirmation is something you say to yourself over and over again until it becomes a permanent thought. This new thought will then change your behaviors and outcomes. Because “thoughts do become things!” As Andy Dooley said over and over again.

Most people have a hard time saying nice and encouraging things (to themselves). For some reason they are fine saying “Gosh, I suck. I shouldn’t have done that. Don’t I know better by now? Geez, I am so hopeless. What an embarrassment!!!!”. But to say “I am so cool. I love myself. I am proud of myself.” People just wont say that. But this is where confident and trust in oneself come from.

Now, if you need a teacher to show you how to do this, watch this video. To date I think Jessica in this youTube video is the best teacher of how to affirm yourself!!!

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