A Different Kind of Love. Love stories from my Mom & Dad, Keith & I, and a Couple.

I heard somewhere a long time ago that if we live long enough we will experience tax audit, divorce, and death. I have been through 2 tax audits, one divorce, and now… the looming of death.

Last Monday, I got a call to say that my Dad vomited blood and was rushed to the ICU. It’s the kind of call that I have dreaded receiving. My mother held him with one arm while reaching for the phone and dialing 911 with the other. She came home to clean up the blood while the doctors stabilized my Dad. I am happy to say that my Dad is home after 5 days and awaits the news of his liver.

The challenge here for us is to determine the course forward. If it turns out that he has cancer in his liver, do we fight and take all actions to prolong the inevitable? Or, do we gently accept that the end is near for my Dad, and that it is time to live fully with the few days that we have left? Love took on a new shade, a new meaning, and new level of intimacy.

On a different note, a couple contacted me asking for help, because the wife is awakening and is called from deep within her a desire to reclaim her sexuality, her freedom, and her unexplored power. She threatens divorce and separation. This is shaking their whole foundation and threw them into turmoil and fears.

It is hard for both sides to believe that this is the beginning of greater intimacy, truth, and more passion. But it can be guided to achieve such results. By themselves, with traditional therapy and counseling, in the long run they could be successful in saving their marriage. To do so she would have to suppress her desire. But deep down inside she still feels a longing for something deep within, and will hide her resentment to herself and her man for not allowing her to follow her calling.

Love in this case requires overcoming one’s own fear and insecurity for the sake of what we all long for…. UNCONDITIONAL love.

Speaking of unconditional love… Keith and I have also been on our journey toward more truths and intimacy. There is so much to say about this journey, in future publishing. Suffice to say for now, love does not stand still. Love requires us to keep stretching into our own truths and lean in with the other partner even though we are scared, insecure, and hopelessly attached. I will unwind our love story in future writings….

Meanwhile, I have a question I want to ask you:  Are you dating and Loving like a Peasant. You might enjoy this quiz.

My brother watching over my Dad
My brother and Mom on the first night waiting for my Dad to stabilize


Leap Into Your Hot Career!

One of the top things my clients come to me about is having a rocking career to increase the money, ease and flow in their lives. Does this sound like you? I know a lot of you have been dreaming of the day when you’ll take the leap, in fact you’ve been dreaming about it now for three years, nine years or possibly even half of your lifetime. So much time has gone by and you have not lept yet. I ask you, are you ready for your HOT Life? Are you ready to leap?

Here is what I know… leaping into the career of your choice and the fulfillment of your life is a lot easier than the extreme sports you see in this video. However, it does feel like life & death. Only through failing forward fast, will you get what you want. Every leap, every failure, is there to help you refine your path and get you to what you want.

Hot Success Story: My interview of my client, the Original Rebel Hearted Woman: Lisa Friedt

I am starting a new series of blog posts featuring my HOT clients and their success stories. It’s super fun to get to showcase how they are building their successful career, making a huge impact on their community, while being an awesome mom, wife and inspiration for their world.

My first story is of Rebel Hearted Lisa Friedt…

How to Sell Your Used Car Like a Priestess


Don’t Sell Your Used Car like a Peasant

I had the most amazing experienced selling my car as The PRIESTESS yesterday.

For those of you who have never sold your own used car before, it is a very Peasant task. You have to clean your car. Put it on the street hoping someone will see it and bid on it. Then when they do, they will kick the tires and poke at the engine, asking a thousand questions, trying to take your price down. Even when your price is low they will want to go lower. This process can take days, since you might have to do this over and over with several people.   Internally, you feel like crap, being pressured by their tactics, etc…

Take Charge, Like a Priestess!

I was not going to have any of that. I took the car in and had it cleaned for $25. The car was shiny and the wheels were polished! My Princess was very happy. Then I posted it on Craigslist and priced it $300 higher than the recommended price for my car. I got a ton of calls. I realized that this was going to eat up my whole day, and I can not have that.

Soooooooo…. My Priestess came up with a fun game.

Create Competition

She said “Here is how we are going to do this! At 5pm tonight she will have the car at a parking lot. For those who want to buy it, they may come and look. The first person who says yes to the price that I want, will get the car.” She listed, in the Craigslist ad, all the conditions & disclosures with the car, so everyone knew what they were buying.

The rules of this new game were announced to all the inquirers. Some said yes, “I will come” while other, weaker men were pouting and protesting. Those weaklings were ignored.


Dress Like a Priestess

When the time came, I dressed in my most radiant and powerful colors. Did my hair and make up. (My peasant was going to downgrade and wear something nice, but less powerful. My Priestess intervened with, “NO! We must command respect.”)

It’s Showtime-Selling My Car!

At 4:55 I drove my used Lexus out to the parking lot. My boyfriend met me there, and low and behold he was dressed in HIS powerful color too! It matched with mine. We didn’t even plan it. It was HOT.
There was no waiting for the action to begin. The first man came. Looked at my used Lexus. Kicked it around. Tried to find ways to bargain it down. There was nothing. He tried anyway. He offered $4500 instead of $4800 (the price I was asking for.) I said in my most elegant and loving way “No, you know the price. You know my condition. There is no haggling.”


Second man came. Saw the first man there. Whipped out a wad of cash and said “I will buy it.” I looked at the first man, and asked him “do you want it?” He said no. Then the deal was done.


It all took less than 30 minutes. FUN!

I Got More Than Double the Dealer Trade-in Amount

I felt so proud of myself. I achieved something most people don’t dare to do. Sell the car themselves and sell it at top dollar without taking on people’s grief for it. The dealership offered me $2000 for my used Lexus. Here I got $4800 for it. Yippee!

May your Peasant-self step aside and let your Princess and Priestess guide you in all your dealings in life.  Got to love your 3 Ps (Peasant, Princess, Priestess selves)

Want to know more about your Peasant, Princess, Priestess selves? Take my free and fun 3 P’s quiz