Aaaaccck How Do I Balance Everybody’s Needs?


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Margo tells me

I want everyone to be happy.  I want my kids to be happy with the divorce and my new man.  I want my ex to get over it already, sign the divorce paper, and give me my half of the money.  I want my family to accept my new man. Right now they don’t even refer to him! I want us to move in, and get on with life.

Darlene says:

Sex is a huge challenge for us.  I struggle with it.  It started out beautifully.  We had hot sex.  We had time dedicated to each other.  But once we moved in and became comfortable with one another, things started to be hard.  My daughter’s presence is now a factor.  I hate the lack of spontaneity, the lack of patience and empathy from my partner toward my daughter.   Like when she is sick and it is time for me to be a mom, I can’t be a lover and he gets his feelings hurt!

“I am so tired of trying to balance everyone’s needs.  I just want to sit by the pool and chill out by myself, with nobody to bother me!”

Learn how to balance family needs with competing relationship needs!

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