Bali Untamed: Day 4–Meeting with the Healer

Isn't he beautiful?
Isn't He Beautiful?

“OH MAN!” This was the most untamed event of the trip so far for me. 77-year young internationally-renown Balinese healer, Prince Cokorda Rai was amazing! (yup, another Prince. This one was destined to be a healer. Apparently not everyone gets to be a healer. They had to be chosen.) He lives modestly and has every essence of an indigenous no-nonsense healer exuding years of wisdom and compassion. The sessions are very short and tend to begin with “So what can I do for you?” We got to name our ailment or discomfort, then sat at his feet, and let his fingers do the walking on our face, neck, and head. From that quick tapping, knocking, pushing, poking of our head, neck, and face he could tell right away, what was out of balance, and at odd in our bodies both in this and previous lifetimes. It was FUN!!!

After he ran his 10 digits over my head, he said “All your organs are well. Nothing is wrong with you. You have stress previously, and you carried some sadness from previous lifetimes.” And I started balling. Didn’t really know why I was crying. I just looked at his face, the way he spoke to me, I felt so seen and loved. And what ever it was that was plaguing me just melted into tears. I can still feel the resonance of that exchange days later as I write this post.

Bali Healer Working on Resetting the Body
Bali Healer Working on Resetting the Body

Each one of us had our own special treatment. Keith got his hip fixed and felt 20 years younger. Lauren had a stroke 14 years ago, which left her face twisted and her body unstable. He said he could fix it, if she gives him a month. Others got toxic thoughts removed out of their head, and special leafy remedy to balance her gall bladder and blood (which left her elated with joy and laughter).

I think I am going to cancel my expensive health insurance plan when I get back in the States. Here is my plan: dental work in Thailand, cancer/major blood treatment in China, and little aches and pain out of balance illnesses in Bali. Care to go with me???

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