Be My Hero

Be My Hero

Who wants to be treated like a princess all the time? To be loved, adored, and cherished?

I was driving my friend Peter to BART. He was late for a meeting, it was getting late in the evening, and I needed gas. I could have gotten it after I dropped him off. But I felt safer to do it with him around, especially since I was in a strange town. So I asked if he would mind if I stopped for gas. He groaned and said “Oh gosh Mai, I am so late for my next meeting in the City.” I had a choice moment. I could have sucked it up and delivered him to BART and handled gas myself. But I gently explained to him that I could do that but I felt safer having him around. He immediately leapt into action and said “to hell with my meeting, let’s get you some gas.
So we decided to make you this video to remind you of the choice point between being a peasant, handling everything, versus being a princess, and asking for what will support you. Believe me, there was a big voice in my head that said “Oh you can do this without him. You do this all the time. Don’t be such a baby!” The princess way, we had more fun, I felt loved and adored by him. He felt so good, he took all of that energy home to his girlfriend and served her. A win for everyone.
Cheers to your princess. May she help your peasant feel more loved and cared for.

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One thought on “Be My Hero

  1. Ha! I love it. Before coaching with you, I was a peasant ALL the time, trying to do it on my own and then not getting my needs met. This is a small thing… but if you can’t ask and receive for the small stuff, how can you receive the big stuff you want? Thanks Mai for changing my life. I love love love that I have droves of men serving me all the time!

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