Lessons from Raccoons…and Other Fun Stuff – Behind the Scenes with Mai

Mai Vu
Fun in San Francisco

This is the day after the event where Keith n I took some of the team members on a tour of San Francisco. We were exhausted so we start the day at this most amazing chiropractor place to reset our body. Then we were greeted by Burma Love restaurant across the street that had exquisite lotus chips! Afterward we fueled up with more coffee n ice cream before we hit the sight seeing tour. I showed them my favorite angles of the City.  Of course I had to show them something unique about SF, so we went to see the SF Amory. Not only did this place have a heroic past, it also is/was the film set for Kink.com I will leave it up to you to Google up what that means. It was “eye opening” to say the least.

But most interesting about this trip was the ending of the day.
Our car were broken into n a few of us lost valuable stuff: Keith suffered a $1000 car damage, Adam got his luggage stolen including his laptop, that totaled up to $10k, and Annika lost her day pack that totaled up to $500.

It was amazing to watch each one of us process our losses. The coolest gift from the Universe came when I drove us home. I felt compelled to take a pit stop on Treasure Island.

We pulled over to look at the magnificent view of SF at night and there were three raccoons foraging right at our feet. I immediately Googled up what raccoon means as the spirit animal that just showed up on our path. And this is what it said.

And so my dear friends…wherever you are, who knows what’s good and what’s bad. But I do know that we are always guided and loved by the Universe. And there are lessons a plenty to help us release our attachments and let love in; however that love shows up. And frankly that is what HOT LIFE HOT LOVE is all about.

Love, Love, Love,


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