Blending the New Families

Happily Blended Family

Barbara worries about the family dynamic:

“My big conflict is family balance where we all feel balanced between family time, school, friends, and work. I want everybody to feel like they are a part of new thing, and that the kids have enough time with me ,and me with them.  It’s a crazy balancing act with  the whole family dynamic.”

“Blending the two families has been more challenging that I thought.  I wonder if I am being fair or if I am doing it right or if we are moving too fast.  I feel so guilty and worry that my kids and his kids dont like each other, or end up damaged in some way.  I try to keep the communication line open, but it feels daunting sometime.”

“It sure is not the Brady Bunch!”

Sharon avoids family time…

“It’s so sad to me, we are at a place where we more than enough money and resources.  We have everything we need to be happy as a family.  But no! When I suggest we play a game as a family, he would play to win and annihilate my daughter and I, which of course makes her mad and pout.  Then he gets upset at my parenting way…. and we ended up fighting.  I don’t even want to go away on family vacation anymore.”

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