A Different Kind of Love. Love stories from my Mom & Dad, Keith & I, and a Couple.

I heard somewhere a long time ago that if we live long enough we will experience tax audit, divorce, and death. I have been through 2 tax audits, one divorce, and now… the looming of death.

Last Monday, I got a call to say that my Dad vomited blood and was rushed to the ICU. It’s the kind of call that I have dreaded receiving. My mother held him with one arm while reaching for the phone and dialing 911 with the other. She came home to clean up the blood while the doctors stabilized my Dad. I am happy to say that my Dad is home after 5 days and awaits the news of his liver.

The challenge here for us is to determine the course forward. If it turns out that he has cancer in his liver, do we fight and take all actions to prolong the inevitable? Or, do we gently accept that the end is near for my Dad, and that it is time to live fully with the few days that we have left? Love took on a new shade, a new meaning, and new level of intimacy.

On a different note, a couple contacted me asking for help, because the wife is awakening and is called from deep within her a desire to reclaim her sexuality, her freedom, and her unexplored power. She threatens divorce and separation. This is shaking their whole foundation and threw them into turmoil and fears.

It is hard for both sides to believe that this is the beginning of greater intimacy, truth, and more passion. But it can be guided to achieve such results. By themselves, with traditional therapy and counseling, in the long run they could be successful in saving their marriage. To do so she would have to suppress her desire. But deep down inside she still feels a longing for something deep within, and will hide her resentment to herself and her man for not allowing her to follow her calling.

Love in this case requires overcoming one’s own fear and insecurity for the sake of what we all long for…. UNCONDITIONAL love.

Speaking of unconditional love… Keith and I have also been on our journey toward more truths and intimacy. There is so much to say about this journey, in future publishing. Suffice to say for now, love does not stand still. Love requires us to keep stretching into our own truths and lean in with the other partner even though we are scared, insecure, and hopelessly attached. I will unwind our love story in future writings….

Meanwhile, I have a question I want to ask you:  Are you dating and Loving like a Peasant. You might enjoy this quiz.

My brother watching over my Dad
My brother and Mom on the first night waiting for my Dad to stabilize


Lessons from Raccoons…and Other Fun Stuff – Behind the Scenes with Mai

Mai Vu
Fun in San Francisco

This is the day after the event where Keith n I took some of the team members on a tour of San Francisco. We were exhausted so we start the day at this most amazing chiropractor place to reset our body. Then we were greeted by Burma Love restaurant across the street that had exquisite lotus chips! Afterward we fueled up with more coffee n ice cream before we hit the sight seeing tour. I showed them my favorite angles of the City.  Of course I had to show them something unique about SF, so we went to see the SF Amory. Not only did this place have a heroic past, it also is/was the film set for I will leave it up to you to Google up what that means. It was “eye opening” to say the least.

But most interesting about this trip was the ending of the day.
Our car were broken into n a few of us lost valuable stuff: Keith suffered a $1000 car damage, Adam got his luggage stolen including his laptop, that totaled up to $10k, and Annika lost her day pack that totaled up to $500.

It was amazing to watch each one of us process our losses. The coolest gift from the Universe came when I drove us home. I felt compelled to take a pit stop on Treasure Island.

We pulled over to look at the magnificent view of SF at night and there were three raccoons foraging right at our feet. I immediately Googled up what raccoon means as the spirit animal that just showed up on our path. And this is what it said.

And so my dear friends…wherever you are, who knows what’s good and what’s bad. But I do know that we are always guided and loved by the Universe. And there are lessons a plenty to help us release our attachments and let love in; however that love shows up. And frankly that is what HOT LIFE HOT LOVE is all about.

Love, Love, Love,


Before You Divorce, READ THIS!

Avoid Divorce-Save Your Marriage!

This is for all you tired moms, who wake up one day and realize that you’re dead and numb in your marriage.

 You have been doing the chores, giving it your all, but you have no more passion left.  You dream of leaving. The thoughts of dating again; breaking up your family, and the substantial cost of divorce gives you the willies. So instead, you put on a happy face, drink another glass of wine or eat more cake to numb or drown out the voice inside that is screaming: “GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!” “IS THIS ALL THERE IS TO LIFE?!”  “I HATE HIM!!!;  I HATE THEM!!!”, “I HATE ME!!! and, last but not least “HELP ME!!!”



The Usual complaints I hear sound like this:

  •     I don’t feel it with him anymore.
  •     We haven’t been connecting for years.
  •     I want someone to LOVE!
  •     I want to be on the same track with him and enjoy doing things together.
  •     I want my passion back!
  •     We used to be so in love!  Now we are just roommates.
  •     He doesn’t get me.



These voices usually aren’t heard unless there is a new love interest on the side, an affair (either of the mind or a cardinal sin of the flesh).  And the affair is so rich, so luscious, so Technicolor while the marriage is monotonous, boring, and dull gray.  Most people make the mistake of leaping into the affair, fantasizing that “THIS is it… THIS is the solution to my problem… If I can just have this new person, all my pain and deadness would be gone and once again I will live happily ever after.”  Sad to say that is most often NOT the case.


What Happened?

You’ve become a Supermom!

The answer is simple: You both lost yourself in the mundaneness of everyday life AND the noble task of parenting. You dedicated your life to being a good mom, a good wife, a good income earner, a good housemate, etc… After ten, twenty, or thirty years of this, you had an epiphany: “Hey I am NOT HAPPYYYYYYY!” You have lost yourself, your passion, your motivation. Hell, you have even lost your sex drive! (For some of us, the reverse is true. Your sex drive kicks into full gear. You have to try to suppress that or act it out in the least healthy way… by having an affair.)


All you have left is PRETENTION.

  • You pretend to be happy.
  • You pretend to like: your job, your house, your neighbors, your kids, your spouse, even yourself.
  • You pretend that everything is good enough, but nothing is.
  • You pretend to have a good life on FB and Instagram, BUT, inside you are dying.


Physically you get fatter and fatter. You are haggard. You let yourself go.  You avoid all mirrors whenever possible, and you hate having your picture taken. The truth is too ugly to bear.  You stopped talking to each other about 15 years ago. When you do talk, it’s about the children, the weather, the parent meeting, or the chores at hand. You run more carpools and bake more cookies to avoid feeling your pain.  You seethe with resentment.  Whatever he does, it’s too little, too late, and always wrong! It seems so obvious to you that at this point you have no choice but to divorce. But that’s not true!!! Trust me… divorce is not the answer.  

I know this.  Because if I knew then what I know now, I probably would not have divorced.  And I have been able to save ALL of my clients’ marriages when they asked for my help.  It doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out 2-3 years of therapy with little to no progress.  Failing marriages have become a UNIVERSAL HUMAN problem, an epidemic.  It NEVER is because you didn’t do enough.  

If you are on the brink of divorcing…

  • Yet there is at least 5% of you wondering or hoping that there is an EASY way to save this;
  • Or you want to avoid the pain and confusion to your children;
  • And you want to avoid feeling misplaced shame and disappointment to your family;
  • Finally you want to avoid the excruciating cost of breaking up your marriage,  

I sincerely invite you to my Hot Life Hot Love 2-day Live Event. You owe it to yourself and your kids. You don’t have time to waste. Your future is at stake. Give me one weekend to help you before you sign the divorce papers.


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With Love,