Don’t Get A Divorce, Because Dating Again Is Such A Bitch!

Don’t get a divorce, because divorced and dating again is such a bitch…Just kidding!

Well not really, because it is true. Dating again in your forties or fifties, with kids, and continuing to build your business, is probably the most complex thing you will ever have to figure out. I know. I am 48, with a 13 year old daughter, a hot and growing business, and dating my hot love Keith

I have to bust through so many old, and sometimes unconscious, expectations of what being a good mom, good girlfriend, and good business person is in my head. I have had to say some brazen things to my boyfriend, daughter, and clients to have the life and love that I want. 

a.  (to my boyfriend) “Honey, you are 17 years older than me, we are really good right now together and I cherish and adore you. However, please don’t count on me to be your caretaker in the future.  I promise I will hire a really hot nursemaid for you, pay her extra so she can flash you some boobs, while she give you your sponge bath.  But please don’t count on me to do that for you.  That’s not my calling in life.  If you are good with that, then we have game.”

b.  (to my daughter)  “Honey, now you know that I love being your mom more than anything else.  To me everyday is Mother’s Day.  However, when it comes to actual Mother’s day, I will be gone as it is the one day that I get to do exactly what I want to do.  And it does not have anything to do with you. It’s my day to spend by myself, the way I want it.  Are you good with that?”

c.  (to my clients) “OMG, I am so sorry for the last minute cancellation. I find myself completely out of juice, I have got nothing left to give at the moment.  Can we please reschedule so I can be fully available to love and serve you?”

This is how I manage building a business, raising a teenager, and having hot love in my life.  How do you do it?  I would love to hear and share your stories with our community of hot divorced moms on my facebook page

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Photo Courtesy of Keith Cuddeback


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