Discovering Golf, Discovering More of Me

I recently was introduced to the game of golf. I too like most people who don’t play golf, had three (false) assumptions about golf: 1. It’s for the boys; 2. It’s for rich people (I can’t afford it); 3. I don’t have time for it.

Like my favorite show MythBusters, here are my poverty “assumption busters”. You see underneath my three assumptions are three not very useful core beliefs: I am not good enough, I don’t belong, and I don’t have enough (enough time and money)

1. Golf is not for the boys. First of all, there are plenty of women golfers. In fact on my third round of golf, we were joined by a seasoned female player. She was awesome. Secondly, according to the latest blog from Keith Ferrazzi, Relationship Guru, “Would You Be More Successful If You Golfed?” He asserted that playing golf is a great way to network and build business relationships. From the 5 rounds of golf that I have played, I noticed I tend to be one of a few women to play. Heck, that’s a great ratio. Imaging the connections I can make with these boys, once I am more comfortable with the game!!!

2. It’s not for rich people. Yes you do have to buy the clubs. I got my whole set on Craigslist for $100, and my shoes for $25. My first two rounds of golf were in Hawaii at the Marriott Resort. It costs $120/per round. So my friends and I sat through a 90 minute time share presentation and earned 2 rounds each. That’s like making $160/hr to pay for golf. (You should have seen my face when they proposed the time share presentation option. I almost vomited. But you know, it was not that bad. We were clear on our goal. We let the time share people know that. And after 90 min. we were free to go). Furthermore, there are lots of reasonably priced golf during the week. And if you go to the golf show, you can pick up a bunch of deals there too. The point is, anybody can pay lots of money for golf. But smart Joes like us, we can find ways around it.

3. I do have time for golf! It’s amazing how life always work out so that we can have what we want. Yes, to play a round of golf, takes most of the day. But that’s quality time out in beautiful zen-ish nature, hanging with myself and with a few friends/colleagues/partners. I didn’t realize how much I missed out from not playing golf. The quality of life is so much better. As my spirit and mind are lifted from being outside and playing, I am able to manifest and create more magic and results in my work. It’s so paradoxical. My friend has a special cash register ring tone on his BlackBerry. When ever he gets an email that brings in a deal, it goes “ka-ching”. There is nothing better to get me in touch with abundance than when we are out there PLAYING and his cash register rings. It reminds both of us, that it’s our job to play, have fun, and raise our energy, so that we can attract and generate more abundance in our lives.

There is a few adoring facts about myself and golf that I am noticing:

a. If there is a ravine or water, I will take the shot like the boys do. Because it feels so good to try, even though I don’t make it 90% of the time. I live life this way. If I know the pain and difficulties of everything that I have been involved in ahead of time, I would never have done any of it. Just like golf, I swing at life, and risk failing 90% of the time. Only because it’s fun to try.

b. If I hit 5 lousy shots in a row, you will find me cursing like a boy! (I don’t throw my club, but you really should let me cool down before you talk to me)

c. I have high expectation of myself. Who knew!!! I expect myself to score at least around 100, when I have only played 5 times. So I am learning to notice when I am unreasonably ambitious in other parts of my life.

d. I love hitting with my “big Bertha” club. You know the BIG driver that is really light with the big head that you tee off with. Gosh, that feels so good in my hands. And when I smack it well, it’s like you know what.

So if you are calling me and I am not answering, I might just be at a golf course and there is no cell reception. But do leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I can.

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