The Story Of The Duck

Do you struggle between your role as mom to your kids and as a lover to your partner?

Are you happily single & divorced (finally), with two kids, a successful career woman, and dating a loving man who is all into you!

First of all, congratulations. I know how hard it is to achieve and maintain all of these gifts in your life. This is what we, us divorced moms, dream about, and work so hard to keep going and keep everyone happy.

But, you and I know there is more to the story, right? Of course there is.

Your kids love and need you, yet there is not enough time in a day to be there fully for them. Your boss thinks you are hot and wants to give you more responsibilities and a promotion. Plus, your man is so into you, all he wants to do is camp at your feet waiting for the moment when he can whisk you off to the amazing land of making sweet love so he can please, love, and adore you.

Yet for you it seems to be like a curse. You are grumbling underneath your breath for your man or your kids to leave you alone because you have work to do and you are afraid to say it out loud because it might hurt their feelings and wreck everything!

So you are like a duck: looking cute, calm, and collected on the surface and paddling really hard underneath to make time and space for everything and everyone. You feel guilty toward your kids for shuffling them to bed so that you can have time with your man. You also feel an internal pressure to please and perform to keep the hot passion between you and your man going (because you don’t want it to die down like your previous marriage did). Meanwhile your mind is pulled to the dirty kitchen, the pile of laundry, and that big project at work

Is this you? I want to hear your story. Will you please share with me your story at

I also am going to give you some answers. If you don’t know me by now, I love big life dilemmas like this one. I love it so much, I made a video about it for you, with my collaborator Lucas Roy Lehman, and it’s here. He is super hot and we really dove into this subject. Watch it here. Also please comment if we missed anything around this conversation. Email me at, I want to know, are conversations like this helpful to you?

In the meantime, may your life be hot and your love be even hotter.

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