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Are you divorced and dating again?


My clients are either trying to get back on their feet & figuring out how to date or are in a new relationship and are having the challenges of balancing everybody’s needs.

I’m guessing here a bit…what are the exact words they use when it comes to the kids, family, etc

You are ready to start dating again but confused on how. Some of the common challenges I see in divorced women are:

  • You don’t need a husband to take care of you anymore or take on someone that you have to take care of. You want a real partner to have intimacy, deep connection, great sex and adventure with while still maintaining your freedom.  In other words, you are afraid to bring home a dud (you already married and divorced one) but you don’t know how to find a good one!  love it!

  • You are trapped with the old system of dating and relationships that just don’t work (or else you would still be married) but challenged with what IS a healthy relationship and how to do it right. do they refer to it as the “old system”…how do they express their problem?

  • Back in the day, you followed all the rules and tried your best to be a good girl. Now you want to show up 100% real and authentic (the good, bad and the slutty) but don’t know how. awesome!

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Or… You have a new great man, and are now hoping that everything will work out well.  On the surface, this new relationship is great. But deep inside you are worrying about:   nice!

  • You are juggling (and struggling) between the roles and expectations of being a lover and a mom. How do you satisfy his needs, your needs, the kids and balance it with work and life?  YES!

  • You are stressed about how to integrate the new man with your kids. Will my kids like him?  Will he like my kids? Will his kids like me?  Will I like them? Will the kids get along? What about the in-laws? and the ex-husband? Are the kids going to resist and fight back?

  • You are worried and disappointed that the new partner doesn’t really understand you and it is starting to feel a little bit like the old relationship with the ex. You are praying to God, that the past isn’t repeating itself.  YES!  But you are keeping tab of the evidence. Is this how they describe it?

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