Have You been Keeping Secrets from Yourself?

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I have been keeping secrets from myself and from you.

I mean I let it out a little bit here and there, you can see glimpses of my secrets on FB, in my blog, and what I offer in my coaching.  Then I distract myself with the mundane of life like paying bills, filing for taxes, taking care of my family’s needs.  And I end up forgetting the secrets that I know.

To make things worst, the secrets that have been revealed to me, are a bit out there, a lot hard for my left logical brain to grasp and understand, and are very much against what I was raised to think about life and what’s real.  As a result, they are really hard to talk about.

What secrets am I referring to?

Here we go…this is the “hard to talk about” part…

The secrets:

–  There is so much more to life and to being human than we know or have been told is possible.  And what I am afraid of, have trouble understanding, and resist are actually really cool, fun, loving, and very freeing.

Inside that one big ass secret above are a bunch of other secrets like…

–  Yes, we can quantum jump and meet our parallel selves, and they can help us.  Crazy and doubtful?  Ya! Truth be told, there is a part of me that holds out her verdict.  She crosses her arms and says “prove it to me.”  She is so not helpful, but I keep her around like she is my best friend.  Yet she is not.

–  Yes!  The answer to life is a big YES.  Yes to everything.  Yes we can fly.  Yes we can time travel.  Yes we can make miracles happen.  Yes we can bend spoons with our mind.  Yes we can shift shape and manifest.  Yes parallel universe does exist, etc… This is very much against the “NO” that I was told about life.  No, you can not do that.  No, that’s unsafe.  No, that is not possible.  No, that is not proven yet.  No that does not exist.  No, that would be blasphemous, etc….

–  Yes, life supports us in however way we want to grow, learn, and be.  If we want to be a hard core scientist, we can be, and how we see life would be good and perfectly right.  If we want to be a criminal and experience life that way, we also can, and it is perfectly right for us.  (Society may disagree, but it is our right to explore, grow and be in a criminal experience full on.)  Life is so big and accepting, it has room for all of us as is and as much as we want to expand into.  (We on the other hand, have issues and restrictions about how inclusive life can or should be.)

As I wrote out the secrets above, I reminded myself that it is time.  I can now shift my questioning in my head from “is this stuff really true?” and “what if it wont work?” to “Wow, let’s see how I can play more and more with these secrets.”  Let’s see how far I can go, and how much joy, delight, magic, and expansive love I can let in.   Over the last 2 decades, I have learned to bend spoons with my mind, quantum jump into another parallel universe, Matrix Energetics Healing, and so much more.  Each time my mind expanded and I experienced for myself how true these principles are.  I would be wasting my time and energy to continue to question and getting in my way.

I am choosing to live my life in the knowing that life truly is magical, that we are miracle makers and quantum jumpers, and that all is well and good.  My job is to expand and have more fun!

I go back to my old tagline:  More Please!

Share your thoughts with me.  Share this post.  I am excited to hear your opinions.


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