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Are you a divorced mom struggling in your career, sheltering your kids from divorce aftermath, and wondering if you’re too old to date again?

Have you put yourself last to raise your kids, now face an empty nest, and are now scared to, once again, be open and vulnerable to love?


Are you wanting out of a dead-end marriage, but the cost is so high you’ve settled for numbness and routines?

Perhaps you’ve considered, or even had an affair but know that’s not the answer…

You’re searching for a graceful solution but nothing you’ve tried is working.  Each day you experience desperate frustration that makes you want to kill your kids, your husband and yourself.

Being a divorced mom, too, I understand your pain, fear and struggle first hand.  Despite my best efforts doing everything possible to save my marriage for 18 years, it fell apart.

There I was, with a 4-year-old daughter re-entering the dating world. I felt incompetent, fat, ugly, too old and rusty, and definitely didn’t think I could ever replace my husband.

Your situation is very real and delicate to sort through.