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Bold Brave Women ™ Podcast

Bold Brave Women™ Radio Episode #114 with Joanne Butcher

From Terrified & Strung Out to Powerfully Living Her Passion

As a terrified child of an abusive, alcoholic father, it’s no wonder Joanne Butcher ended up in 12-step recovery groups and dealing with abusive bosses for 30 years in the non-profit arena.  Feeling worthless and sick in bed with migraines for 7 years, Joanne emerged to thrive, and to live her passion while helping others to doing the same.

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Bold Brave Women™ Radio Episode #113 with Jane Morse Swett

“Picking Up the Pieces…”

She thought everything was fine. She thought she had a happy marriage – sturdy, steady and loving. But life can turn on a dime and she was blindsided by something she never suspected – “I’m gay and I want a divorce.” I wrote this based on what Mai told me and she can always tweak it. Let’s go with it for the newsletter draft this week

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Bold Brave Women™ Radio Episode #112 with Lara Jaye

“More Than Enough…”

This is a story of Bold Brave Woman Lara Jayne, to pursue her life’s dreams and the snags in the way.  Right? If only pursuing our dream was easy we would all do it.  Lara shared her ups and downs and how she “takes a licking but keeps on Ticking” like Energizer Bunny.    

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Bold Brave Women™ Radio Episode #111 with Sahar Nafal

“The Bright Side of Life”

The Bright Side of Life  Story of how Sahar Nafal resurrected her life after her marriage and financial wealth crashed and burned.  In her effort to raising herself and two daughters back up, she raised a whole community.  You don’t want to miss this!

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Bold Brave Women™ Radio Episode #110 with Monica Lee


In Monica Lee’s Words… “I have walked alone most of my life and finally many many years ago said this is me, this is who I am and this is what I do. Who am I? What do I do? I am a relationship/intimacy coach, sex educator, writer and certified tantra practitioner. I have overcome death and abuse to stand up for myself and many others. I lived through shame and guilt and judgement enough so that my body absorbed it all and almost shut down completely. But, I crawled out of that hole and I stand on my mountain top with my arms up celebrating my life ..and bringing wholeness and acceptance to others. I am truly a wounded healer helping others along my path. I do it boldy, I do it bravely because this…. is who I am!!”

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Bold Brave Women™ Radio Episode #109 with Astrid Seter

“From Death to Thriving”

From Death Back to Life Astrid’s journey of fighting for her life back after a debilitating unknown illness. At times it would have been easier to die.

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Bold Brave Women™ Radio Episode #108 with Stacey Michelle

“Letter to my Unknown Mother”

Stacey Michelle is making peace with her core childhood wounding of being “abandoned” by her birth mother. This is an exquisite touching story of her learning to heal herself.

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Bold Brave Women™ Radio Episode #107 with Leslie Hewitt

“She Came, She Saw, She Conquered”

From a cute “bossy” blond pigtail little girl to being the female president of the California Chiropractic Association, changing policies and how lawmakers should be working together to create positive changes for us all.

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Bold Brave Women™ Radio Episode #106 with Elaine Huang

“Fortune Favors She Who Dares”

In Elaine Huang’s words…

I left my six-figure income position as VP to create a life of passion and purpose. Since starting Neon Owl 2 years ago, the company has made waves in and outside of the industry, taking charge in leading it towards connecting music with philanthropy. Neon Owl has put together multiple charity shows to support youth, music and the arts, as well as other non-profits. I have also partnered up with some of my favorite artists to join forces in creating Neon Owl’s Dance. Give. Inspire. charity line, where 100% of the proceeds goes back to building wells for clean water in developing countries like Haiti and Uganda. We have worked with numerous causes like THE AIDS WALK, The Apollo Aid Foundation, The Fenders Music Foundation, Boys & Girls Club East LA, and many more. 

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Bold Brave Women™ Radio Episode #104 with Deb Dutcher

“Sexy, Lean and Strong After 50”

In Deb Dutcher’s words…

Hello everyone! I am so happy to be here with all you Bold, Brave Women! I love Mai and I love all of you! Thanks to Mai Vu and her book, I was able to recover love for my husband and we have just celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary! I did not think we would get there.

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Bold Brave Women™ Radio Episode #103 with Jasmin Tosseth-Smith

“Behind the Pinterest Life”

I have 3 kids and I work in construction so I work 11 hour days and I’m growing my life coaching biz on the side so I help busy moms from a place of being one myself. 

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Bold Brave Women™ Radio Episode #102 with Robin Rivera

“Plz Don’t Let Me Die!”

I am a woman boldly recovering from a life time of trauma… from childhood to adulthood. I am a double 11 life path if you follow numerology. I was also an exotic dancer, porn star & fetish model during my young adult life. My experiences range from sexual assault to utter empowerment. I’ve felt and tasted the depths of life. I want to live, I want to be vulnerable, I want to live loud, I want to give & inspire & I will not give up, EVER

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Bold Brave Women™ Radio Episode #101 with Jennifer Jost

“911. He Took My Children!”

My heart is beating very fast for some reason. I share my story every time I do a talk and all of my clients know my story and of course my friends and family know so why is it so difficult to put this down in print especially because I fully trust Mai and I cherish the community that I am in because of her. Some days my Brave and Boldness is seriously getting out of bed. And other days it’s showing up to be there for other people that I care about in my life which seems much easier then putting myself first.

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Hot Life Hot Love ™ Thought Leaders

Hot Life Hot Love Thought Leaders Episode 4 – Annika Isacsson

How to Talk Honestly with Your Family

Mai and Annika discuss the desire to be honest and current with our family members.  But how? These are intimate conversations that includes a lot of courage and patience.  How to honor their feelings and impact on them from our actions.  At the same time, how to be true to ourselves and our journey and not live in the closet.  These are bold and brave conversations.

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Hot Life Hot Love Thought Leaders Episode 3 – Ken Kinghorn & Annika Isacsson

How to Have Freedom While Maintaining Intimacy in Relationships 

For strong, independent, bold and brave women, dating again, the number one fear is to lose our freedom inside a new intimate relationship.  We are afraid to be trapped again.  Yet we find out that we might be the one who imprison ourselves and lose our own freedom.    How to have passionate mature relationship that will honor all of our needs.

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Hot Life Hot Love Thought Leaders Episode 2 – Spring Zheng & Kat Meissner

Spring Zheng is an Ultra Abundance Expert and the Founder of Spring Magic Life Society, Inc. She has over 20 years experience in international corporations, Fortune 100 companies, and working with entrepreneurs as their abundance coach and thought leadership mentor. Spring loves to empower visionary entrepreneurs and business owners to discover and unleash their true purpose, passions and gifts, do what they love strategically, and create a lucrative niche business and an abundant life filled with love, wisdom, happiness and success. She holds an Executive MBA and Professional Coaching Certificate from New York University. Spring is on a mission to help everyone she touches to access abundant happiness and prosperity. When she is not working with clients, you can find her hiking around Forest Hills Garden Community in Queens of New York City, eating healthy salads, and exploring creative funs with her two beautiful children and lawyer-entrepreneur husband.

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Hot Life Hot Love Thought Leaders Episode 1 – Stasia Bliss

 “The Alchemy of Relationship: Transforming the dross of human tendencies into the gold of Divine union with your Beloved”

Stasia Bliss, speaker, emotional release specialist, dharma coach and author of 9 books on Consciousness, Transformation and Empowerment is here to share on her latest book “The Alchemy of Relationship: Transforming the dross of human tendencies into the gold of Divine union with your Beloved”.

She will explain how the book came to be – through the use of the Ancient Lemurian Manifestation device called the Qi Vesta – brought back to earth through her mentor, Almine, and how to use it as a tool for transformation in relationship. Website:

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Hot Life Hot Love™ Radio

Show 25 – Five Access Points to Empowered Living with Kathy Perry

5 Access Points to Empowered Living

Join us on Hot Life Hot Love Internet TV show when we’ll be interviewing Kathy Perry, professional speaker, & co-author of the successful book “Stepping Stones to Success” with Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and others. Kathy will be sharing with us about what she calls the 5 Access Points to Empowered Living.
ARE YOU READY for ease and joy in your life now? YES? Gain new levels of clarity, awareness, happiness and the ability to change anything you would like to change.
Kathy will be sharing how Access empowers you to change the things in your life that aren’t working for you.
In addition to being a social media and online marketing specialist, Kathy is a Certified Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator. Kathy speaks on personal growth and self-empowerment topics, sharing her own story of turning personal tragedy into triumph, with simple steps to transformation.

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Show 24 – Sex, marriages, long term relationships

Be prepared to hear a very authentic conversation with Mai and her clients Annika and Micke as they discuss some questions and concerns so many people struggle with in sex, marriages and long term relationships.

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Show 23 – Dr. Nilda, Help Me Innovate My Business

Dr. Nilda, Help Me Innovate My Business

Dr. Nilda Perez is a foresight business strategist, futurist and entrepreneur.  As founder of the Foresight Stragies Group and the Latino Academy for Business, Dr. Perez equips entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations with innovative ideas and foresight strategies that will catapult their business and ensure a sustainable future.

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Show 22 – Choosing Self Love Over Self Hate

Choosing Self Love Over Self Hate

Pamella Horton is a modern-day spiritual explorer and host of the podcast “Calling the Real You.” The core of Pamella’s teachings is that you can lead a spiritual and magical life starting right now, from where you are, and that you can consciously create success in any area of your life; whether it’s about manifesting fruitful opportunities, having better relationships or finding more love. Pamella believes that everyone is a unique contribution to our world, because we all are blessed with the abilities of a true creator. She invites you to learn how to shape the energy around you so that your life can change in an instant, if you allow it to!

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Show 21 – Heal Your Money Story

“Heal Your Money Story”

Having conducted over 30,000 soul purpose sessions over the years, Jennifer Longmore has seen a consistent pattern with people from all walks of life as to what holds them back in thriving in their potential and creating the life of their dreams – money!  She’s also come to learn that it’s never about the money, and is really about something much, much deeper.  Once folks tap into the divine truth of what’s really holding them back, they burst through lifetimes of barriers and blockages and begin seeing instant shifts in their money story (such as promotions, unexpected cheques in the mail, tax rebates, new clients, found money, and so much more). 

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Show 20 – Stop Thinking You’re Not Good Enough and Get Empowered!

Do you stop yourself from achieving goals and dreams?  Hot Life Hot Love welcomes Nancy Mills, founder of, a leading women’s empowerment community created over 20 years ago.  Spirited Woman ( is a global women’s empowerment community. changing the world one Spirited Woman step at a time. Its mission is to support and help women believe this simple message. YOU ARE ENOUGH AS YOU ARE. Because you are!

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Show 19 – Meet the Man (or Woman) of Your Dreams with Nancy Wall

Tonight on Hot Life Hot Love Radio:  Get The Real Story About Meeting the Man (or Woman) of Your Dreams From a Real Life Matchmaker!  Mai interviews Dr. Nancy H. Wall, an Executive, Certified Matchmaker and Relationship Coach. She and her team have been celebrating happy couples for over 10 years. Nancy is passionate about helping singles connect and she will be sharing with you the time-tested, self-empowering ways to look for that special someone.

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Show 18 – Are you Dating a “Bad Boy?” with Lorna Poole

Are you Dating a Bad Boy?…OR How to Let Go of the Wrong Guy.

Lorna Poole, Dating Coach, the Founder & CEO of Lorna Poole, Magnet For Love Coaching. Tonight she will share with us the 15 Biggest Mistakes that keep you attracting men that are bad for your life – ones that don’t respect or honor you, or commit to you, or a man that’s a “player.” Lorna admits “I made all the mistakes FOR you.” She tells you how to read the clues to prevent getting involved with them in the first place. You don’t want to miss this show!

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Sexscapades in New York City PART 2

More Smokin’ HOT honest confessions in Part Two of the real life sexual adventures of Mai and Valerie in New York City.  Remember, this is No Prudes Allowed stuff!  — just what is it like to be sexually free?  Come find out. 

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Show 16

Smokin’ HOT Show – No Prudes Allowed Have You Ever Had a Sexcapade? Just What IS a Sexcapade? You just have to tune in to find out. It’s True Confessions time for Mai and Valerie – The raw, uncut, unfiltered story (and this is only Part One!)

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Show 15

Do you have a dream to start a business? Or is your young business struggling? Let the Powerful Biz Woman, Donya Zimmerman, JD, show you the vital information you need to know about the legal and financial aspects of entrepreneurship, business start-up and business ownership and insure your dreams become and STAY a reality.

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Show 14

Don’t Just Survive – Thrive…Overcoming Childhood Traumas & Blocks to Success.

Tonight’s Guest, Edna J. White, from survivor of childhood sexual abuse, near death experience to an incredible coach and mentor. Ms. Edna helps women overcome trauma and live a thriving life, with fulfilling love and successful business. Edna’s story will inspire and help you know that the pain of this trauma doesn’t have to limit you in any way!

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Show 13

In this episode of Hot Life Hot Love ™ Radio, we feature Robert Manni. One of the hot questions here answers in this show is: How do you create a lasting friendship with your partner and still have amazing hot sex?… and more!

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Show 12

You are way too precious to be wasting time chasing after false hopes with Pat Barone & Julia Ward.

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Show 11

Things That Men Say that Signal the End of the Relationship with Terrie Christine.

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Show 10

Christmas Love Stories & Heart break with Mai and Friends.

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Show 9

Dating, Love, Business and Periods with Dr De’Nicea Hilton.

How can you have a passion for periods? How can you touch on having that (periods) conversation with partner or if have difficulties, how that impacts dating life.

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Show 8

Dating, Money, and GREAT Sex with Vanessa Canterbury.

How to recover after the big D (divorce)? When dating: How do you get your finance together, who pays, separate or protect your asset. With Kids: Do you let him help you when you don’t live together, and if you need help how do you ask? Best financial advice?

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Show 7

Florida Fun, Business, and How to Work with the Former Husband with Tiffany Blasco

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Show 6

Guilt N Shame Busting Featuring: Nikki Leigh.

What is holding you back to create that love in your life? Give us your vision of a healthy and happy relationship. Why still single? What would you tell someone who is overweight or unhappy with their appearance to respect or love themselves? What do you do for self-care?

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Show 5

Why I Don’t Date with Kathy Yanke & Jo Ellen Neihart. What is fills the void if you don’t have a man in your life? What don’t you like about dating? What turns you off or on about men? What makes you happy?

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Show 4

Hot Man Alert with Brian Benson. Dating a woman – from a man’s point of view; what point do we have sex? Who should pay and why?

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Show 3

Presenting “Tie Me Up and Spank Me” on Hot Life Hot Love Radio. BDSM is hot stuff! I know it, Justice Schanfarber knows it, and now you can know it too! Popular culture is full of misinformation and confusion about BDSM. Here’s a clear, honest voice to cut through the noise. Probably the best resource I’ve seen for people who want to explore kinky sex safely, responsibly, and of course, pleasurably. I may even start using Kink for Couples as a textbook for my advanced women’s groups.

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Show 2

A Modern World of Dating with Old-Fashioned Habits with Camille Leon & Tiffany Blasco. What are some old fashion habits? What are the modern expectations? What are some clues that you had to catch on to? What are your bottom lines, or “Stop, No Go” rules?

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Show 1

FEATURING: Maria Applequist, Anne Bystedt, and Anna Aberg. Welcome to our first episode of Hot Life Hot Love ™ Radio. Dating Again and Relationship in Sweden – What’s challenging about dating again? What do you wish would go away? What’s it like being a strong independent woman and dating again? Do you need men? How do you make peace with that? And for you especially Anna B. how do you balance it and keeping it hot with your man.

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