Hot Love Debuts In Sweden

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I’ve just returned from Sweden where I successfully introduced a new group of women to my Loving Your 3P’s program and, even more exciting, debuted my newest couples program, Hot Love: How to Increase the Heat in Your Relationship. You can see pictures of this lovely country and of my two events in the video below.

Creating an evening to show my growing Sweden community how to reignite and bring back the confidence, deep intimacy, spice, fun and heat of their current love relationship has been my constant dream and craving for the last five years.

I had 5 couples in the room who ranged from young newlyweds, to married with young kids, to divorced moms who are in a new budding relationship, to a couple who are intimately dating with no expectation on each other. It was super fun to see how Hot Love increased the heat, intimacy and connection for all of them. At the end of the night, the women were princesses and priestesses and the men were kings and heroes. YUM!

I am now recuperating and dreaming up how and when to bring this second program to California, New York, Canada, and anywhere else that the Universe wants me to bring this to. Are you interested? Wonderful! By clicking here you’ll be amongst the first to hear about the next phase of my Hot Love program, until then I’ll keep you nice and hot with some juicy tips to start cultivating Hot Love in your own life.

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