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A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Hot Life & Hot Love

Congratulations on putting yourself first and claiming your beautiful life! We know that this was a very courageous decision that you made.  We are proud of this work and we’ve seen it work for many women around the globe- women like you, who have gone from having not enough love and success in their life to having the life that they want in 6 months or less.


We are here to guide you step-by-step and we look forward to celebrating your new life with you.

Dinner Celebration with my growing community of Swedish clients and their families.
Dinner Celebration with my growing community of Swedish clients and their families.
Celebrating Kristina and her thriving children. Fall 2014.
Celebrating Kristina and her thriving children. Fall 2014.




Now, please bookmark this page and return to it as you move throughout the 3 phases of  your VIP package.







Let’s start with the BONUS!!!  

(Kind of like eating ice cream first, before dinner)

6 Weeks on Your Path to Love & Success, with Kelly Wolf

What's lodged in your toes?
What’s lodged in your toes?

This is a super cool class with cutting edge information.  Everything that has happened in your life, including previous lifetimes are lodged in your feet.

The more you understand, the more you can shift your thinking and outcome.

  • Weekly group calls with Kelly for six weeks.
  • Explore each toe and what it represents.
  • Unearth and heal what has been in the way of your path to love and success

Individual Coaching:

Your VIP package comes with 5 1-on-1 calls to provide you with transformative coaching as your specific needs arise.
  • One 1-hr long session at the beginning to map out your journey and get clear on your outcome.
  • Three 1-on-1 30 min calls during the 6 months to make sure you are on track – Please check your email for your unique link to schedule these. We suggest one during 30 Days, one during 20 Days and one in the middle of Loving Your 3P’s.
  • One last call at the end of the 6 months to celebrate and define your next steps.

Office Hours w/ Mai: 

The purpose of Office Hours is to supplement your work with consistent guidance from Mai and the greater Hot Love Hot Life community. Calls are designed to problem solve life issues (business or love) that come up for you as you are embarking on creating your Hot Life and Hot Love.  6 months of Hot Business Office Hours will give you the guidance and step by step toward making $10,000/month or the equivalent of about 150,000 SKR/month (depending on the currency exchange) 

All calls and other program start dates are emailed to you on the first of every month, please refer to that email for specific dates for each call.

Calls are always on the Bridge Line:  US/Canada/Dubai/India: 605-562-3140 616123#     Sweden +46 (0) 8 124 107 12 code 616123#

and recordings are stored on the respective Office Hours Facebook pages Business or Love.

  • First 3 Mondays of the month – Hot Business: Grow Your Business to 10K/Month    9:00am Pacific /10:00am Mountain/6:00pm CEST
  • First 3 Mondays of the month – Hot Love: Get The Love & Adoration That You Want   12:00pmPacific /1:00pm Mountain /9:00pm CEST

PHASE 1: 30 Days to Love & Miracles: 

Anna Rocked it in her first 30 Days to Love & Miracles.
Anna Rocked it in her first 30 Days to Love & Miracles. She attracted an amazing man and was featured in Sweden’s largest magazine (without any work to it)
The purpose of this phase is to get to know your peasant and understand her current condition. So you can establish a loving and healing relationship with her. This will stabilize your peasant and prepare her for further work.
  • Starts every Saturday. We recommend starting as soon as possible. 
  • Visit the 30 Days to Love & Miracles page for all the information
  • Schedule one of your coaching calls to be about 15 days into this program.
  • Technical needs: A Google+ account, Phone, Facebook
PHASE 2: 20 Days to Overcome Resistance: 
In this phase your sweet peasant self is ready for further guidance. 20 Days is designed to show your peasant the many ways that she resists receiving love, success, and money. This phase is designed to lead you past resistance and open to receive.
  • Starts a week after you finish 30 Days – you will have the same partner and we will send you links for your writing documents.
  • It runs exactly like the 30 Days Program but with different content, designed to lead you past resistance.
  • Schedule one of your calls to happen 10 days into this program.
  • Technical needs: A Google+ account, Phone, Facebook


“Hot Life Hot Love, Here We Come!”

Phase 3: Loving Your 3P’s:

Up to this point we’ve honored your peasant and made it very safe for her to open and receive love and support. Your peasant is now ready to meet your Princess and Priestess self. Life will become magical and powerful for you without the peasant feeling like she is being replaced. This is Mai’s signature work and it is guaranteed to transform your experience with your life. Here are some of her success stories: http://storybyte.com/s/vhlW-Ew5Up
  • Group/Video Calls will start 2-3 weeks after the 20 Days to Overcome Resistance ends. We will decide as a group the best time to meet. There will be 13 calls over 13-15 weeks (usually a Holiday extends us a week or two).
  • Schedule your last coaching call to hit around Week 6, 7, or 8 of the program.
  • Technical needs: A Google+ account, Google Hangouts plug-in on ipad/computer, Facebook


One Last Note:  Keep an eye out for my next Hot Life Hot Love 2 Day Live Event.  I would love to see you and your friends there.

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