How to Change a Flat Tire: A Lesson In Miracles

This is a conversation that I recently had with my miracle maker Terri Spada Wolf on her recent encounter with getting a flat tire.

Terri’s story gives a clear glimpse of what miracles look like, and how we participate in making it happen.

“Mai, I am not sure if I have an exact plan on how to make miracles.  But, I am sure that writing about them will help me see what it is I do!”

"Oh shit, I have a flat tire, what the hell am I gonna do

“Most recently, I was driving down the street in my hubby’s monster truck.  It is huge, I don’t often drive it but I needed to pick up some furniture.  I took the highway to the house and loaded up.  When I left (miracle #1) I had decided to take back streets because I had a big load.  I took a wrong turn (miracle #2) and had to turn around and head back to the neighborhood I was in.  I felt the tire go.  At first, panic set in, “Oh shit, I have a flat tire, what the hell am I gonna do all the way out here by myself?”  Standing out looking at the tire I quickly ran thru my options, I reached into the truck to grab my phone to call the person I had picked up the furniture from.  When I turned on my phone (miracle #3) it was dialing Rico.  Rico was like a father to me and he passed in September.  I never took his number off of my phone.  Immediately I felt as though he was helping me and I started to laugh.  Looked up thanked him and decided to make a game of it.  My friend came to help me and he was totally perplexed how to change the tire on this truck with as the jack that was in the truck was too small.  Next thing you know this guy drove by (miracle #4) and asked if we needed help.  I kinda laughed and told him not unless you have a big giant jack?  He did, (miracle #5)  Really??  As we were fixing the tire, he mentioned the only reason he was home is because he had just lost a baby.  Whoa!!  (miracle #6)  i do grief coaching and grief camp is coming in April.  I followed him home so he could put more air in my tire and met his wife, looked at all of the pictures and heard stories of his child who passed and passed on info about grief camp.  I felt like I was supposed to meet them that day.  My entire attitude changed when I decided that it was a miracle early on.  What a blessing a flat tire can be.”


Answer from Mai to Terri:

“Terri:  Let me highlight how YOU created this miracle:

Miracle #1: You listened to your gut and just followed what felt good in that moment.  Too often we are so logical and rational, we stick to the plan and miracles just can’t come in.  There is no room or a crack of the opening for it to squeak in.


Miracle #2:  So often, we think wrong turns are bad, and build our lives to avoid it.  They are not bad most of the times.  Your soul was guiding you and she needed to work around your logic.  I bet if you slow yourself down more, you might remember what made you make that “wrong turn”.  We usually move so fast, we don’t see that everything is well orchestrated by your soul and the Universe/God.

Miracle #3  Dialing Rico was AWESOME.  You are so connected to Source and the ethereal that you are getting clear and direct intervention.  And because you are open to receiving, they can reveal themselves to you that plainly.  If it was someone else with more resistance, spirit or their soul probably would not have revealed to them that way.  Because their logical mind can’t handle it.  Even if their soul offer up the misdialing, they probably either dismiss it right away, chalk it up to weirdness, and not get anything out of it, or freak out and create an emotional drama.  Which of course the Universe will respond with more drama.


What we think we attract.


In your case, you saw that as a sign for fun and game, and you invited it on.  And so it happened.  You saw the whole unfolding right in front of you.


Other people might have been so whacked out by the blown tired, constricted in fear that they are in danger, get that misdial and drop right into the land of self pity.  “Oh I am all alone, I wish Rico was here.  He would save me.  The world is a scary place, I am so miserable.”  And they would have gotten a totally different outcome.


Miracle #5:  By now you have gotten over the hardest part of making miracles.  Now it is time to (I call it) “pull out the lawn chair and watch the miracles unfold and let them tickle your delight.”  The hardest part was back in Miracle 1 and 2, allowing yourself to be led, not freaked out when you seemed like you were “led in the wrong direction.”  And not getting in the way and shut down the whole miracle process.


Miracle #6: is what I call “build it and they will come.”  We get so wound up with success and money, that we can discount these random connections and wins.  Our mind might go to “that is nice but, it is not enough. etc…”  But really that was a miracle for you and miracle for them.


And what’s more, we are always so self focus… We think it’s all about us.  Who is to say, that this whole thing didn’t happen for you, but for this family?  What if you were just God’s plan to help this couple.  Woohoooo right?  “Lord let me be of service in the world.  Let me be so well spent, well used, that I die happy because I have nothing left to give.”  And that in itself is a miracle!”


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