Will I Find the Right Man this time?

find the right man after divorce

Pam is dating again.

I don’t want to meet and jump back into relationship with another wrong guy (again).  My last relationship, I dated this guy for 3 years.  If I had dated other people at the same time, I would not have been in that relationship!

…and I don’t have enough time to go out and meet people.  Then, I’m not sure where to look to meet them?

looking for mister rightFor Cindy, it’s a different story…

I don’t want to have a repeat experience like my previous two husbands. I want to make sure the sex is good and it is not going to go to shit.  I mean it started out hot romantic and all.  The minute we got married, they changed!

While Tania tries her hands at online dating,

Online dating is what I am attempting, is super convenient, I don’t even have to wash my hair.  This guy is sending me poetry, etc… really wonderful for getting practice asking for what I want, and getting super clear plus I’m able to talk to so many people. We may get together for a date, or meet at a bar (that did not go well).  Sorry to say, in person, they are not who I thought they were.

Mai says that you’re looking for love in the wrong places!

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