I’m so unsettled right now. Will I ever get through this?

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calming the turmoil after divorce

Maria is feeling unsettled.

I feel so unsettled.  Everything is up in the air: the divorce is not complete, the shuffling of children back and forth with their daddy, the emotional roller coaster, the new man and his circumstance, family reactions, the new living space is not set, new schedules, his needs, my needs, the children’s needs…. I just want everything to stop so I can breathe.  I’m tired of being overwhelmed and not feeling settled in my life.

I don’t second guess the decision I made.   Inside I know this is where I want to be in my life, but there is so much crap to go through.  I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and wonder if I am ever going to get there?

Mai knows how to turn your chaos into harmony!

Find out how to start living life with grace and ease.  Come to the upcoming live weekend event.

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