Leaders Need to Get With The Times!

Yesterday, I spent the whole day working in bed, watching live streaming of inspirational speakers from TEDxSF “ALIVE! Maximum Living as a Human” Event. They featured great new thinkers like Simon Mainwaring (his talk: From Me First to We First Living); Eythor Bender (his talk: Merging Technology and the Human Body); Shereef Bishay (his talk: Bettermeans, Redesigning work structure and work contract); Nicole Daedone (her talk: Orgasmic Meditation, The Cure of Human Hunger)

Today I read Emotional Intelligence at the Heart of Performance article by the Hay Group, posted on May 18, 2011.

I have to say my honest reaction was “REALLY? ARE WE STILL TALKING ABOUT THIS? Do we (consultants) have to still convince corporations that developing intelligence around our emotion and social skills is at the heart of all performance success?”

I don’t know who is behind? the consultants who still need to harp about this, or the corporate clients who are reluctant to implement organizational changes, OR the actual worker-bees who are still in denial that changes in their behaviors are needed?

I think we need to get with the times. Human evolution is evolving so fast, along with planet change and global power shift, we have got to get the basics down so that we can get to more fun stuff.

Here is my list of the basic stuff that leaders have to get handled (already):

1. RESPECT. Respect the human beings that you are working with, assume the best, set clear boundaries, and provide a space for them to thrive.
2. IMPACT. Know that no matter what position you are in, you have IMPACTS, all around you. Be responsible for your impact.
3. LOVE. Love yourself, love others, love your work, love your community, and love your mankind. “Dude”, this is basic! If you are not finding the love, you either need to leave, go find it, or ask for help.
4. COMMUNICATE. Make yourself available for communication, be open, be humble, be inviting, be collaborative. Nobody is perfect, and you don’t have to be either. Just communicate.
5. LEAN IN. When things get tough, when we are scared, when resources dwindle, we pull out and protect ourselves. Yet that is the time where we have to LEAN IN. Lean into each other. The answers reside inside US.


Now for the fun stuff: What we need to learn to do and be next:

1. EXPANSION. Think bigger, crazier, dreamier! Make work juicy, real, engaging. Expand your thinking, allow for newness and discomfort to settle in so that we all can expand and see the impossible.
2. FLY. Human spirits are meant to fly. You know when you are. Let yourself fly and expand.
3. BREAK. Break old molds, old rules, old systems, old thoughts, old containers. Challenge everything. If it breaks then it is meant to be broken. Build anew!
4. BE REGENERATIVE. Don’t just consume and take. GENERATE AND RE-GENERATE. Expect and demand higher output from yourself. Stay awake, don’t fall back to sleep.
5. LEAD. This to me almost belongs to the basic stuff. But I settle and put it here. EVERYONE IS A LEADER. It’s fun when everyone leads AND follows fluidly. This is how our spirit will know that we are flying.
6. CHANGE THE WORLD. Let’s do it. We can totally heal and recreate our world. Everywhere I have traveled in the last 15 years, people are dissatisfied with life as is and are actively looking for ways to make a difference. If we all decide today, that everything we take part in, our thoughts, actions, words are always directed to better our life and our world. Don’t settle for less.

Let’s go play TOGETHER!

4 thoughts on “Leaders Need to Get With The Times!

  1. Yes, the EI stuff totally feels like being stuck in some kind of management guru loop from the 90s.
    Oh, and I think it is the systems + corporations that would benefit so much if they BREAK and build a simpler, nimbler version of themselves to allow all the awesome fun in.
    If corporations are still swirling around in EI, it’s time to *wake up*…or those of us who are doing our best to stay on pace with human evolution will go play somewhere else. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jenny. It was quite an internal coup d’etat for me when I wrote this piece. I realized I was tired of being one of those consultants/coaches gently egging on managers and leaders to consider doing EI work. It dawned on me that this approach doesn’t help them. Because the world is passing them up. We need them to get that they are way behind if they don’t have EI and other basic leadership skills down. If they are still wondering if coaching is going to do them good or if they need it. Because the rest of the gang have moved on to newer and more fun level of play and operation.

  2. I’m in a new, refreshing company that has these qualities- including the fun stuff. The leaders spend 1/3 of their focus and effort on Inspiration (your favorite quality, right?). People are saying over and over as they come on board that it’s the culture that attracts them. The word love was spoken at the annual conference over and over.

  3. Cool Nancy,
    Where are you at? Do share. Please check out my next post on Bettermeans. I am so curious to see what you think about their concept.

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