Leadership Lessons on the Road: Sexy Powerful Female Leader Role Model, San Francisco

Yahoo! Holly Molly!!! OMG!!!! Rarely do I meet a female leader that inspires me so much I want to run home and write about.

Founder of One Taste
Founder of One Taste

I want to tell you about Nicole Daedone, the owner, founder, and teacher of One Taste in San Francisco. She is gutsy, bold, (wait till I tell you what One Taste does), BEAUTIFUL, sexy, alive, smart, and committed. If she was a movie and I were a movie critic, my review of her would be that little picture where the guy is clapping and jumping out of his seat!!!

First about One Taste. It is an urban center in San Francisco (and New York) where people can practice orgasmic meditation and mindful sexuality! Woooooohooooo!!! (Back to me. Can you refocus?) They have a program training practitioners to become “Slow Sex Coaches”. I have heard of them about 5 years ago, and have always admired what they stood for. And now I got invited to help them train their coaches on life coaching skills.

Four weeks ago, I met Nicole (the owner) and Justine (the executive director) for the first time, for an interview (to make sure that I check out). After the initial hello and how are you, they asked me to tell them about myself. I took a deep breath, and intuitively told them something pertinent about myself. In less than five minutes, Nicole interrupted me and said to Justine “if it’s alright with everyone, I would like to cut in here and let you know what I think. She (referring to me) feels right. My intuition tells me she is the right one. I have one concern. (directing her question to me) Can you take ownership of the room?” …and off we went. A 45 min. meeting was done in 20min. All pertinent information was covered and understood. We even had time to share our personal journey on how we became the women that we are today.

I am not bragging about Nicole because she selected me. I LOVED how she led. She was grounded, unapologetic, highly intuitive, and completely trusting of herself. She LED FROM HERSELF, instead of leading from being polite, following protocol, being nice, or “crossing all T’s” to avoid making mistakes. She was self-authorized, yet she had room to rely on her friend/executive director, Justine. She was absolutely loving yet rigorous, clear, and not gushy. It was so refreshing to be in her presence.

When I left, I walked taller, had more bounce in my steps, and breathed deeper. How she was being inspired me to take up more space and to to deepen the trust in myself. I believe that is an impact of a great leader. They leave us who came into their contact feeling taller and more grounded in our own sense of self. I can also see from the other side, if I were not right for the job, by her being so clear with herself, I would have seen clearly where I didn’t fit and what I stood for. She served as a mirror for me to see myself, definitively.

In my work with female executives, there are lots of time spent helping them defining who they are, learning to say yes and no with clear and healthy boundary, and replenishing their tank because they over worked themselves (trying to earn their worth). Nicole gives us an image of what a female leader look like when she has done her personal work. Check out this video of her talking about One Taste

Here’s to all of us female leaders, having clear boundary, trusting in ourselves, and operating from a balance of our feminine and masculine strengths (which is our beauty, smart, intuition, execution, and deep love).

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