Magic, Miracles, and Mosquitoes in the Amazon, Oh My!


Magic, Miracles, and Mosquitoes in the Amazon – Oh My!

Iquitos-MapIs visiting the Amazon and going to Machu Picchu on your bucket list?  I highly recommend that you bump it up and go sooner than later. You need stamina for this kind of trip.  And it’s too good to wait. 

I had the great honor and blessing to spend 15 days in The Amazon jungle, living on site with the shaman and his family, alongside 7 other American friends as we seek out the wisdom and healing of the Ayahuasca medicine.  Afterward we spent 6 days touring around Cuzco, the neighboring cities, and finally making it to Machu Picchu.



MachuPichuIt was an incredible trip in so many ways.  It has been a few weeks since I got back and I am still struggling for words to describe and capture the full extent of the journey.  Partly because all the pieces are still coming together.  Perhaps that is one of the many messages that I am receiving:  Life and her lessons continue to show themselves to me, long after the event is over.  My job is to look, listen, and take in.  

I will break the highlights into different links, so that you can click on to whatever topic that interest you the most.  I have some beautiful pictures of the trip; the Ayahuasca process and her impact on us; and what 3 things I learned from The Amazon that might help you with your business and love life.  


As always I look forward to hearing your reactions and comments.  

Please leave me a note below and share what calls to you from the Amazon or the Ayahuasca Experience.


Now, That’s HOT!






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Mai’s Travelog: Dubai

In February, I had the pleasure of flying to Dubai to teach a coach training class for The Coaches Training Institute, Dubai. The class had 18 nationalities represented, expats from all over the world were in the room. It was really fun and powerful to witness the students learned CoActive Coaching and bringing it back into the Middle East.

After the class, I got visit different parts of Dubai. Here are some cool places…


OUT of INDIA: Emergence from 16 Days of my Yoga Retreat

This is my last post of my yoga retreat in India, with my lovely Downtown Yoga troup. By the end of the trip, WE all had an amazing time with lots of insights, a well stretched-out yoga body, and a ravenous appetite for regular American food. After 48 meals of mostly rice with various vegetarian-salty-soupy “thing” we were ready for hamburgers, sushi, pastas, wine, chocolate, tacos, etc…

These three clips are just for fun! There is no deep meaning, other than humans are like rubber bands. We can stretch ourselves to reach new heights, but once we let go, just like the rubber band, we snap back to our old selves, maybe a little looser and stretched out, but we will most likely go back to our cravings and old ways.

Mai’s Travelog: Day 5-Street Vendor

I love the sound of street vendors in Bangalore, because they remind me of the street vendors in my old neighborhood when I was growing up in Vietnam. These people are poorer than poor. They usually walk and carry heavy things for many kilometers, just to make a few rupees. Their voices are beautiful, insistent, and sometime daunting. As conditions in Asia become more advanced, soon these people will no longer be needed. And their beautiful sound will be replaced by the modern silence, like what we have in the States.