Learn Quantum Jumping with Me…

 Is it time for you to learn Quantum Jumping with me?

Let’s go play in parallel universes, time travel “back to the future”, and enter the Matrix.

I am thinking that you are thinking that I have lost it completely. 😉

I am not!

I am an edge finder and surfer.  I know what’s next for us cautious spiritual seekers.  Actually when it comes to quantum jumping I think I am way behind the curve.

Last week-end I attended a four day course on Matrix Energetics Healing.  This is another step on my journey to teach myself about the 95% of the world that we don’t know about yet.  I am now catching up to what a lot of people already knew for decades now: the Matrix does exist, we can time travel, do intuitive healing, quantum jump and so much more.

I hosted a call a few days ago to share with you my experience from the class.  Listen to the Matrix Energetics call below.

If this “stuff” interest you and you want to tip your toes into the water, join me in my upcoming 7 weeks: Quantum Jumping program.  We are going to practice jumping to parallel universe, by using a visualization technique to focus our mind.

Send me a message here or on FB to let me know if you are interested. Here’s to the many selves that are out there having a lot of fun in the universe.

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