Loving Your 3P’s

image:3-Ps-peasant-princess-priestessLet go of struggle. Stop Walking on Eggshells. Bring balance and FUN back into your life!


Get to Know Your Peasant, Princess & Priestess


Do you find yourself:

  • Tired all the time?
  • Angry, in resentment, and annoyed at the world?
  • Looking for a partner/man but they are nowhere in sight?
  • Have a partner but he is so distant or not “serving” you correctly?
  • Having to do EVERYTHING yourself?
  • Hungry, starving and poor (I mean this metaphorically and physically)?
  • Walking on eggshells, worrying about everyone’s happiness?

  These are signs that you are heavy on being a Peasant and not knowing how to lean into your Princess and Priestess to guide you.

Success Story #1: From Peasant to Priestess


So what are the 3 Ps?

The 3 P’s are the Peasant, Princess, and Priestess inside you.

Loving Your 3 P's - Princess - Mai Vu
Let your playful Princess out!

Your Peasant was born into her life circumstances that shaped how she sees and interacts with the world.  She then grew up and became a mother/career woman.  She now finds herself being very stressed and unbalanced, not feeling good enough. She struggles with getting things done, putting others first, and is very lonely. Your Princess is a part of you who is very clear on your boundaries and your rightful place. She holds herself with integrity, respect, and GRACE both for yourself and others.  She knows how to receive and trust her inner knowing. She is generous and loving and cares for the world, small and large. She walks in a room and everyone pays attention.  She does not have to rely on working hard to get things done. Your Priestess is the dark Goddess inside of you who has a deep knowing that spans lifetimes. She is from the deepest part of your soul: the healer, sorcerer, teacher. She is fierce, she cuts through bull shit, she is not afraid to destroy everything in her path, in order to keep her freedom and fight for the highest good.  She is a powerful mystery. The 3 P’s are the core parts of who we are as women. When activated from pain, they create misery and chaos in our lives. It is like we are constantly having to beg, struggle and earn for everything we get. But… when activated in a positive way, they hold the incredible power to bring us peace, flow, balance, dignity, freedom, and true abundance to our lives.




Learn to Love YOUR 3 P’s in 6 Months!


Mai Vu will transform your exhausted, pain filled peasant into a grounded, authentically powerful, beautiful soft accessible wise and delicious all knowing woman.


  • FINALLY break through self destruction, non-stop circular patterns
  • Release the struggle and belief in having to work hard, doing all alone and depleting yourself to achieve what you want.
  • Fall in love with YOURSELF and access all parts of who you are as a woman in the world. It’s time to let yourself be glorious, sexy, soft, and at ease.
  • Be cherished and adored by your man, and all those around you.
  • Learn to command your world with beauty and grace while living from deep wisdom and knowing.
  • Have LOTS of FUN attracting and manifesting the joy, abundance, and miracles in your life.  (Ease and Peace what more does a girl want?)

What does your Peasant story look like?


Loving Your 3 P's - Peasant - Mai Vu
This is YOU right now.

You are tired all the time. Every responsibility rests on you, and there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. You are so busy making everything happen, tending to the kids, husband, work, life… OR You are alone, as wonderful and gifted as you are, you are still single and dating keeps falling apart for you.  WHY? OR You are living in the most beautiful house, with the finest things around you.  You made it.  You remarried a new husband.  You have your lovely child with you.  You have everything yet, you are still not settled.  All the pieces are still moving and unstable.  You are working way too hard to keep everyone happy and satisfied.  No one is having fun. You feel a lack of support and angry at yourself or others. What’s worst, there is no end in sight. You long for rest, for beauty, for recognition and connection. And, you just want to see success:  success in life, in relationship, in money, in work, and in play. You are so alone. You may not even realize you are stuck in the peasant story and have no idea who your princess or priestess are, and how they can help you. Underneath your peasant story is a boatload of insecurity and lack of self worth. Cultivating your relationship and understanding of your inner Princess and Priestess will support your Peasant, guiding her gently towards everything you want.  

Success Story #2: From Peasant to Princess

Are you ready to discover YOUR 3 P’s?

  This course is limited to 9 people per group and includes:

  • 6 month tele-class/video conference. Each session is one hour and a half long.
  • A complete system to heal your peasant and step into your princess and priestess
  • A support partner to work with during the week, to support your fast growth.
  • Daily email guidance and support.
  • Be a member of our private Facebook Loving Your 3 P’s Forum to continue to share and deepen your awareness with other 3 Ps around the world.
  • A clear application into all aspects of your life: at work, in dating/marriage relationship, and in family dynamics


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