Your Hot Discovery ~ Day 2


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Excellent, you are back!  I want to know what you want, what does it mean for you to have HOT Love and a HOT Life?  Does the concept of HOT Love and HOT Life feel edgy to you? Is there a part of you which thinks that you can do without having HOT Love in your life? Does it feel oo far out of reach?  


I get it.  Believe me I do.  I will help you with this discomfort in these 7 days.  

For now, let’s dive into what HOT really means to you…

*Your secrets are safe with us. My team of coaches and I will gaurd it with our dear life.
This subject of discovering what you want is so important, we are going to take two days to do it.  Tomorrow, you will get to add to your list. So keep on thinking and asking yourself, what is it that I really really want for my HOT LOVE and HOT LIFE?

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