Your Hot Discovery ~ Day 3


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It’s Day 3 and Part Two of What Do I Really, Really Want?


Think about yesterday’s writing.
 Is there anything to add to your list?  Is it a really cool list?  
Take some time now and think about it.  
Now go ahead, challenge yourself to make it even hotter.

And now for the fun part. Answer the following question four times.  
Don’t cheat.  Don’t short change the process or yourself.  
*Remember, we ask for your email address everyday so that our system can organize all your answers for me to read in one place. I promise your secrets are safe with me.
We are taking the time to dig deep here, so that not only will we know what you want on the surface, we also will know what it means at the deepest level for you. Why this is so important to you?  This is a very important step in creating a compelling reason to change. It’s like mountain climbing, you have to anchor your rope to the rocks to build a strong foundation, to catch you when you slip and fall.  In this case you might fall back to sleep or back to your comfort zone.  I can remind you of the importance of those thing you are going after in creating your HOT Life and HOT Love.

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