Your Hot Discovery ~ Day 5


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It’s Day 5 and today we are going to take a look at your commitment.


What is your level of commitment to having

HOT Love and a HOT Life?


*Remember, we ask for your email address everyday so that our system can organize all your answers for me to read in one place. I promise your secrets are safe with me.

Here is the bad news… Unless your commitment is at a 10, nothing will change!

And now for the good news (and I have several pieces of good news)

1.  The hardest part is the deciding to be committed at a 10.

2.  Once you do, I can help you recommit daily and make your life and love HOT and beautiful.

3.  When you do recommit daily, change will become easier everyday.

4.  Last but not least: The good news is your HOT LOVE and HOT LIFE is a lot closer than you think.  

Now, let’s move on and talk about resistance, one more question for today…
Well Done! We are starting to really get the traction towards your
HOT Life and HOT Love!
How are you feeling? Excited? Scared? Overwhelmed?

It’s all okay and very, very normal.

See you tomorrow!

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