Your Hot Discovery ~ Day 6


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It’s Day Six! So tell me, if you had the bullet proof solution to creating the HOT Love and HOT Life that you want what would it look like?  
Now is not the time to be a smart ass or to be lazy. Most people when asked this question always cynically say (or even fantasize),
If I only we have more money (or time) then our (troubles, problems, etc) will go away…”  You and I know it takes more than that. Even if you get your million, if you don’t change something internal, your old pattern of thinking and behaving will have you wreck your million and return it to the same old condition or worse. Unless you do your internal work, nothing will change.  

So on to today’s one and only question…

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Here is something fun for you to play with. Have you taken my Loving Your 3Ps quiz yet? Click on the link and take it. It will shine some light on some patterns that are no longer serving you. See you tomorrow for our final day of your 7 Day Discovery!

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