Your Final Day of Hot Discovery


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Our Final Day, It’s Day 7

and Time To Exlpore The SOLUTIONS!


You have done tons of work in the last 6 days.  

Congrats and GOOD WORK!!!  I am so proud of you.

*Remember, we ask for your email address everyday so that our system can organize all your answers for me to read in one place. I promise your secrets are safe with me.

This last day is your bonus.  I will do the work and you get to select from my list of offerings, which one you would like.  

For each solution below write, yes, no, or maybe.

Thank you so much for playing with me these past 7 Days! I hope you discovered the HOT Love and HOT life that you’ve always desired, saw what stopped you and realized there are solutions. 
Tomorrow, I’ll be sending you a video message about my visit to Sweden and how you can start to accomplish the items on your list at my HOT Love Live event on February 8th and 9th in Stockholm. NO, it won’t be a magic wand that will fix all things for you but it will instantly turn up the heat and give you a roadmap for your Love and Life.
Carry On! Mai and My Hot Team of Coaches

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