Mai’s India Travelog: Dosas & Chai

I usually wake up at 3-4am, famished and anxiously waiting for 7am to come so I can run down to the little breakfast place that is 3 blocks away, for some Dosas and Chai. Dosa is a thin, slightly crunchy and chewy pancake with a dollop of “potato salad”-like inside. Yum. Good texture and flavor, just enough spice.

2 thoughts on “Mai’s India Travelog: Dosas & Chai

  1. Owesome Mai !
    Great story…brought me back to my India trip last year.
    make me miss Chai and Dosas 🙂
    India Indeed !ncredible


    1. Issac, I still like Bali much better. When I left Bali I cried and my heart longs to return. When I left India, I am angry, pissed off, couldn’t wait to get out. I really appreciate India, but India has a different effect on me.

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