Mai’s Travelog: Day 4- Pretty Hair

This is the result of an accidental find: A Salon/Spa place. Kate Coughlin and I stumbled onto a salon that promised to make our hair smooth and our face look younger by adding O2 to it. It sounded so intriguing we had to do it. The traditional oil head massage was delicious. The only thing missing was a massage table so we could really relax and not have to hold ourselves up. The facial was thorough and had a surprising factor that left us wondering if this is a good idea… During most facials, the therapists would traditionally avoid rubbing around the eye areas. Well not here. In fact they “specialize” in eye massage (with lots of goop on our eyes.) Kate got some of it in her eyes and had to run to get eye drops afterward.

Regarding the Oxygen beauty treatment, closer to the end of the facial, they stuck two little tubes in front of my nose and pumped O2 into me. At first I was scared and held my breath. But quickly I realized that this is silly and there was no way I could hold my breath that long. So I resorted to breathing as much O2 into me as possible. Does anyone know what O2 can do to a facial treatment? I would really like to know.

Here are my results….

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