Miracle Sighting #2: Love and Kindness

This miracle was reported from Roy Alexander, one of our 40 Days 40 Miracles member:


Asking for love and receiving 2 miracles in one day.

On Wed. Sept. 5, one day before my 93 days post stem cell infusion check-up, I was reminded to ask for love and support from our group to ease my fears.  I asked for love and energy to surround me on the diagnostic event the following day. I put some umph into this one, cause i really need to know that I am on the mend.  On Thurs. Sept. 6, I got ready to undergo a radioactive scan to determine if my body was free of cancer.  Just after I was strapped to the platform that trundled me into the tunnel of this imposing scan machine, I remembered my request and received a flooding sensation that washed through me.  There was the love and energy.  I was being held.  I had never before had this experience over any distance.  I was in communication through space and time.  Love at the speed of light?  What a miraculous event to take place to relax me from the tension I was holding at that moment.  I remembered to breathe to extend the moment.   Later that evening, I got a call from a caring nurse practitioner that the preliminary results showed a clean scan.

Miracle Sighting #2: Love and Kindness

Miracle two.  She, Bernadette, didn’t want Joan and me to worry through the weekend until my scheduled formal consult with the oncologist.  Generosity and caring that transcended normal hospital procedure.  I broke down in tears, exhausted from the stress of the previous three months.  Joan and I hugged and absorbed each other’s relief.  This is a promising start that augers well.  I am fragile, stronger, and more resilient.  I fed on my group’s thoughts and best wishes. Yummy.  I’m starved.  That was followed on day 97, Mon. Sept. 10, with a bone marrow biopsy.  To the doubters, including me, does it matter that it might have happened this way anyway?  Not a wit.

With LOVE and appreciation,

Roy Alexander


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One thought on “Miracle Sighting #2: Love and Kindness

  1. As a follow-up to the reported miracle, my bone marrow biopsy showed no disease. The donor’s stem cells now represent 98% of my bone marrow with my own stem cells’ contribution being the other 2%. I am also on the receiving end of a technological miracle. It’s no surprise I’ll be signing up for the next 40 days 40 miracles round with Mai.
    I am grateful, happy and relieved to add that progress continues. Joan and I can now eat out at restaurants at the early bird hour and see movies shown at theaters just before release to cable. In other words, with a young immune system, restrictions still emphasize crowd control. At 180 days other important benchmarks loom and I will look to you my fellow miracle makers for your continued good wishes, love and support.

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