OUT of INDIA: Emergence from 16 Days of my Yoga Retreat

This is my last post of my yoga retreat in India, with my lovely Downtown Yoga troup. By the end of the trip, WE all had an amazing time with lots of insights, a well stretched-out yoga body, and a ravenous appetite for regular American food. After 48 meals of mostly rice with various vegetarian-salty-soupy “thing” we were ready for hamburgers, sushi, pastas, wine, chocolate, tacos, etc…

These three clips are just for fun! There is no deep meaning, other than humans are like rubber bands. We can stretch ourselves to reach new heights, but once we let go, just like the rubber band, we snap back to our old selves, maybe a little looser and stretched out, but we will most likely go back to our cravings and old ways.

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