“Warren Bennis says that, Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple, and it’s also that difficult. You can have no better partner than Mai Vu in your quest to be an outstanding leader, whether professionally or in your life. Her insight, commitment to your brilliance, and courageous authenticity will take to levels of performance and impact in the world that you probably did not allow yourself to envision. Mai is a highly skilled coach who has successfully championed leaders at all levels and in a variety of industries. She knows from personal experience the challenges of being a manager in a large organization and the challenges of founding and building a business. So, if you are navigating the corporate structure or launching a new business, you will be well served to have Mai’s support.”

April 14, 2009

John Vercelli , Co-Owner , Chain Reaction Partners, LLC

Because I am unconventional and have a strong value in freedom and creativity, I offer a variety of ways that you can work with me. Learning and growth happen in all sorts of settings, more often than not, outside of the traditional office environment. I invite you to “play” with me so that you can access more of you.

I am available to serve in the following capacities:


– COACHING SKILLS TRAINING for your organization. (Essential leadership development skills that will be adapted to fit the needs of your organization)

“I’m still buzzing from your training on Sunday. Amazing.” Linsay Chrisler

– BUILDING A LEADERSHIP CULTURE (Large scale organizational change)

– Group telephone coaching & leadership development (highly effective, great team building and learning lab opportunity)


– One on one coaching via telephone (simple and easy structure, most cost effective)

“I still fondly remember when you taught me leadership skills. Changed my life. You are creating powerful leaders. Keep up your magic.” Anna Cole

– One on one coaching plus on-site visits (local and international) (very valuable, requires more investment from both of us)

“Mai’s Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. Mai is a fabulous coach. With her help I have achieved great personal and professional success. With Mai’s guidance, intuition, and laser-focus, all your dreams can come true! Ellen Lerner

– Field trips (lots of fun, very meaningful, and freeing):

  • One day golf & pondering about life and leadership outing
  • Shopping and finding the new you
  • Dinner and a movie with lots of stimulating & meaningful conversations
  • Or create your own field trip

– Personal retreat where we go away together for the week-end or the week for in depth work (take time to sink into your wisdom)

– Email coaching and teaching (very cost effective, best for distance learning and introverts)

Please call me direct if you are curious about any of the options above 925-989-0204

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