Partnership Coaching

1 + 1 = ? (infinity)

When two or more people come together for a purpose, the sum of individuals equals infinite power. This magic happens when the individuals know how to empower the relationship to serve and lead them.  This is cutting edge work.  In most partnership, when it is at its best, the individuals involved are happy and getting their needs met.  The underlying assumption is that they are involved and invested because “it’s good for them”. They are getting what they want from the partnership.  This is fine when things are easy.

But we all know businesses and organizations don’t stay in the easy realm for long.  There are always conflicts and changes to be dealt with.  And it is very easy to slip into the victim and martyr role with each other inside the partnership.  Because we are under duress and are not getting what we want.

With partnership coaching, I help you discover the power, wisdom, and inspiration of the relationship.  The individuals inside the partnership will see that they have a new ally.  That there is a reason why they are called to be here, that is greater than to make money or get a project done.  This reason will compel and bring deep meaning to each individuals.  From there, everyone involved will learn to lean into each other, will deepen the commitment to the process of working together.  Conflict will be seen as opportunities to understand.  Alignment will happen.  And results will be achieved faster, bigger, and more powerfully.

Along with my training in partnership coaching, I also offer a killer instrument as a tool to ground the conversations of the coaching: The Leadership Circle 360 Cultural Survey.  WOW! not all 360 tools are the same.  I am throroughly impressed with the depth and power of this tool.  I am proud to bring it to you, so that you can see in black and white what is happening with your partnership, and more importantly HOW EASY IT IS to build and capitalize on your partnership.

My belief is “Start your relationship WELL; Be in it WELL; and End WELL.”

Let me show you how.

If you look up the word inspirational in the dictionary there is a very good chance that Mai’s picture will be next to the definition. She is a unique combination of passion, inspiration and professionalism. Mai and I worked together on launching the first Executive & LIfe Coaching seminar in Vietnam which was well received by the participants and has positively influenced the field of coaching in Vietnam. I appreciate her dedication to the field of coaching and her amazing generosity. I highly recommend her as a mentor, a coach and as a colleague.    Jeffrey Jones, President CEO of Human Factor International

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