Team Coaching

To obtain extraordinary results, a team must be more than just a collection of people working together. It must have a high degree of Positivity and Productivity.

A highly functioning team has high commitment and alignment, which delivers extraordinary results.

In a positive, high-functioning system, every team member is empowered to perform at his or her individual best.

I will work with your team to:

  • Develop team communication strategies and skills
  • Have constructive conflict
  • Successfully hold the difficult conversations
  • Communicate respectfully, even in times of tension or stress
  • Cope with very strong or stubborn personalities
  • Develop trust within the team
  • Create a compelling and enduring vision
  • Develop clean and achievable goals
  • Create functional, satisfying interpersonal relationships among team members

As a result, your organization will enjoy:

  • Improved productivity and profitability
  • Increased employee retention
  • Inspiration and a greater sense of aliveness
  • Healthy, productive conflict
  • Increased employee buy-in and goodwill
  • Increased creativity, leading to process improvements and product innovation

Ultimately, you will see a significant increase in your bottom line, sometimes immediately.


If you identify with more than 3 of the following items, you have positivity problems. Does your team:

  • Talk at each other but not listen?
  • Exhibit sighs, eye rolling, and defensive postures in meetings?
  • Sound positive but engage in pairing off and whispering?
  • Get frustrated easily or feel overwhelmed with the workload?
  • Have time to play? eat? let down?
  • Only get together in meetings?
  • Have problems trusting each other?
  • Think that “Bob” or “Mary Sue” is the problem?
  • Avoid conflict or engage in divisive and unproductive conflict?
  • Have diverse members, but not talk about the differences out loud and comfortably?
  • Withhold respect from each other?


If you identify with more than 3 of the following items, you have productivity problem. Does your team:

  • Meet a lot but get nothing done?
  • Meet for longer than 2 hours at a time?
  • Talk a good game but without accountability or results?
  • Have a hard time trusting each other?
  • Have clear goals and strategies?
  • Make decisions in a timely fashion?
  • Approach difficult situations proactively? quickly? reliably?
  • Have a strong sense of team leadership?
  • Wait impotently for your decisions even in the smallest of arenas?
  • Have an attitude of ” it’s out of my hands/not my responsibility/not my problem?”