Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Should I Stay Or Should I Go:

Wisdom From the Mai Vu Coach Facebook Community

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If you are pondering the question “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

(whether it’s personal or business), what would be ONE tip or something

you would need to hear, that will help you with your situation?

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Leslie Reitzes That you really do know the answer. You just have to go somewhere quiet and tune out the voices of disapproval/judgment and get clear on what YOU really want. July 20 at 7:46pm · Like · 2

Lisa Zahn It’s helpful for me to hear there might not be a wrong or right answer, that any decisions made don’t have to be perfect.
July 20 at 8:01pm · Like · 2

Antje Boyd I always ask myself which answer is coming from a place of fear and which answer comes from a place of love
July 20 at 8:06pm · Like · 5

Kimberly Campbell Sherry What is the vibration of each….?
July 20 at 10:04pm · Like · 1

Janet M. Thuesen Where would your next foot land?
July 20 at 10:42pm · Like · 1

Justice Schanfarber Stay with your discomfort.
Yesterday at 12:03am · Like · 2

Atalwin Zoekt Een Fijn Huis What would you choose if you would not be hindered by fear?
Yesterday at 12:12am · Like · 2

Shameem Yusuf Spend about 2 days…exploring what it is that drives you and where your block is. Identify your fear/ struggle. Write it on top of the paper. What I wrote was some thing like this..” I am going to imagine my kids and food at home is sorted (huge challenge areas for me) and that lasheen still lives and that I am not in fear…” somehow I found myself in a better situation to make a decision, not bogged down by these irrelevant factors. Also write down..that you trust your self.     Yesterday at 12:36am · Like · 2

Maria Appelqvist What does it give you to stay? What does it give you to go? Feel the energy in each of these questions. Where is it light and easy?     Yesterday at 5:55am · Like · 1

Ken Kinghorn Love & agree with all the posts so far. I’d add that stay/go is just one (very valid) level of what’s happening in the situation. Dig deeper to find the unity within the choice.. it’s always there. What’s the *one underlying thing* I’m looking for by either staying or going? Find *what’s beyond* the black/white, yes/no, stay/go way of perceiving this even if ultimately you make that choice. Maybe it’s not so black & white. Or maybe there’s a yes/no *within* the big yes/no that’s more precise as to what needs to change. Make the choice standing solidly in what you *want* rather than what you *don’t want*.  Yesterday at 10:35am · Like · 3

Kimberly Campbell Sherry Play out each scenario in your head and feel each fully…your body will give you an instant answer. Anxiety and nausea are answers…

Klara Fischerova What am I to loose if I stay and what do I loose if I leave.          15 hours ago · Like · 1

Kathy Loh It’s OK to have your preference     13 hours ago · Like · 1

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