Success Stories


“Before Mai’s HotLifeHotLoveTM program, I was longing to find true love, thinking it was the missing piece that would fill the void in my heart.  I was dating man after man hoping one would fall in love with me.  It was exhausting; time consuming, and self-esteem destroying.  Since joining HLHL, I no longer feel that void in my heart for I have fallen in love … with myself!  The program taught me how to love myself in a way that no other program has ever remotely come close to.  I have a love for myself that has filled me with true joy.  I feel incredibly safe and secure in this world and with deep inner peace.  I’m still dating but now it’s fun!  I’m dating for me and only me.  I no longer yearn for that true love for I have found it in myself.  Thank you Mai and your beautiful community for giving me my life back.  I cannot express the gratitude I have to now be able to live my life to follow my dreams!”

Denise Barragan


“When I started this journey with Mai, and the fantastic HotLifeHotLoveTM Team, I was desperate and in a dark place, ready to leave my marriage and kids. I didn’t know what to do with a marriage that became sexless, and filled with hurt and pain. Thanks to Mai’s program, I began looking at myself and have been able to accept myself and my husband and children for who they are and where they’re at. The healing of my raging peasant has helped me see my world in a different light. A heavy burden lifted off that had been present in our relationship for a long time of our relationship.  I now have hope for our marriage and my life.  I’ve let my husband back into my heart, we have found reconnection to our love, and are dating again, after 23  years of marriage!”

Shurvone Wright


“Four years ago, I got divorced.  I lost myself during my marriage as a stay-at-home mom who transformed into someone I didn’t recognize anymore.  I was overweight, unhealthy, unhappy, and depressed.  That’s when I heard about Mai’s HLHL event in March 2016. I was introduced to the 3P’s concept and how Mai has made a difference in women’s lives.  I experienced the community she has built.  In two short months, I transformed.  I started working with Mai in July.  My son’s father and I improved our co-parenting relationship; we moved and now live in a beautiful home; and I’m working at something I really enjoy.  Most importantly, with Mai’s guidance and the support of the community, I’ve transformed my life and am so looking forward to seeing what the next 6 months bring.  Hot love is around the corner!!!”

Lisa Vargas


“I can feel a crack in his and my thick coconut shells, holding back from each other… Now we are holding hands, sitting together, kissing, cuddling, and having great sex. I am so grateful for the progress we have made in our marriage, in just four short months. I didn’t think we were going to make it, truly!!!”

Christina Windom


“Four years ago, my life was an awful mess and I was completely exhausted. Becoming a parent of a premature baby, living in a challenging relationship, and struggling to get money to pay the bills at times of unemployment for my partner had very much changed life and I was overwhelmed and exhausted. I also longed for another baby, had two miscarriages, and lived in the emotional roller coaster of trying and failing to get pregnant. I was ready to give up. Would we be able to continue together? What was the meaning of life nowadays? At that point, I met Mai, who helps women find ways to let love and happiness into their lives. That sounded too good to be true, but I was willing to try almost anything. The result of participating in her coaching program changed my life and saved my relationship! I have a much deeper connection and understanding of myself, which changed my interaction with my partner. After a weekend on a couples workshop with Mai, our relationship transformed and is thriving again. Another amazing and miraculous gift soon appeared: I found out I was pregnant although I had given up on that and stopped trying! Now our precious Maja (which means gift, beloved and princess) is 2-years-old and we’re a thriving, happy family of 4.”

Jessica Olofsson

“At the end of May 2015, I lay down on the hospital bed in the emergency room. I was in a lot of pain and had difficulties breathing. I floated away to a beautiful place without resistance, thought back on my life, was pleased with all it had been, and I decided that this was it, it was time to die. I came back to a year of hell, got to experience yet another hospital stay, my car broke down, I lost 15 kilos, my muscles were gone, my energy came and went as it pleased, and looked in the mirror and I didn’t recognize myself. I cried. I met Mai at her event in Malmö, listened and saw her in action, and was impressed by her presence and work. I had just started her program when my next hospital stay occurred and the calls became my lifeline. With Mai’s coaching and the community’s help I slowly came back to life. Today I’ve found myself again and am now working on getting my company back up, because it, of course, was put on the backburner during my illness.”

Astrid Seter


“I went to my first Hot Life Hot Love weekend event in March 2015 and it changed my life. When I attended the event, I knew in my heart that Mai’s coaching program was just what I needed. I had started my own small business in September of 2013 and joined Mai’s life coaching program to help me grow my business in March 2015. Her honest and straightforward approach to life was the right fit for me. I was making on average $3-$5K per month. After working with her for a year, my business grew to  $14K in a month and I hired 4 employees. Mai is a very smart, savvy, and creative coach that has guided me to change my life in a positive way. I did not realize that working with her on my business would open up my soul and help me grow as a human to love more, have peace, joy, and abundance in all areas of my life. It has also created more intimacy to have deeper relationships with all my loved ones. It’s the best gift I have given myself in a long time. I joined this program as an investment in myself and it has been my College for improving my life and overall well being. Thank you Mai Vu.”

Suzanne Amsbaugh Aziz


“Once I opened myself to Mai’s coaching, I began healing myself and my connection with men and dating. I learned so much about men and how they treat and want to treat a woman, and realized I could make it fun.  I started enjoying my time meeting and talking with men, and asking for what I wanted from a place of choice rather than need. My communication came from a place of power instead of a place of pleasing.  Honoring both and letting go of falling in love through sex, I connected with my inner power, guidance, and deep knowingness of how I wanted to step forward in my journey to intimate relationship. Thank you Mai for being an amazing teacher!!!”

Linda Lyngso

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