Exceptional Life

I recently was invited to be a contributing writer for an ezine, called EXCEPTIONALIFE. I represent the expert voice in leadership and executive coaching. Woohoo!!

August’s theme is FULFILLMENT. My first article is “Fulfillment, an Executive’s Reflection.” It features an interview I had with one of my client on the subject of fulfillment and some personal thoughts that I collected over the years from witnessing my clients built fulfillment into their lives, including the Top 3 Reasons for an Executive to Feel or Not Feel Fulfillment.

This is a very rewarding opportunity for me to be a contributing writer. First of all it busts up my sabotage noise in my head that I am not a good writer. But more importantly, between blogging and writing for this ezine, I am learning to develop my voice on the subject of leadership. I like what I see coming out of me. My opinion on leadership is edgy and not typical. There is something fresh, irreverent, and very important that wants to express through me. So I am responding and trusting.

As you read my work, I do hope that you are forgiving on my usage of the English language. Being English as my second language, I perceive and express it differently than a typical American does. (ps. the typos you see in the published ezine was not from me!! somehow the editor goofed it up, and didn’t catch it.)

Onward with our exceptional lives… (exceptional, not perfect)