Assumptions About People and Leadership

Found this cool website Everything you want to read about leadership, in short poignant chunks.

For example, in the article Assumptions about People and Leadership
It’s so simple…
(note: the words in ( ) are my words and interpretations. Please click on the link above for the original article
1. People Want to Succeed (even your worst co-worker or employee, wants to succeed. Really! Find the thing that they want to succeed in, and motivate from there.)
2. People Want to Know How They are Doing: (We all want to know how we are doing. BUT we rather hear the GOOD stuff first, then lay in the bad stuff gently, clearly, firmly, and with love and commitment so that we can hear you)
3. A Leaders Impact on Morale and Performance is Greater Than They Realize: (We impact the org. from our words, assumptions, secret: thoughts, resentments & unhappiness, actions, EVERYTHING!!! We are much more transparent than we know.)
4. The People Closest to the Action are Best Able to Identify Opportunities and Solutions (We know that!!! But for some reasons it still is a lot easier to make decisions behind closed doors, to assume that we know best, to save time by just rolling it down to them, to, to, to…..and then we wonder why no one appreciates us, or follows the decision. We end up shooting ourselves in the foot.)

Again, these points are so simple, yet so hard to do when the moment is charged, and everyone is stressed for time, pressure, and demands.