Reinventing Myself: Finding My Executive Coaching Voice

Reinventing Myself:  Finding My True Voice“Leaders MUST reinvent ourselves all the time.

In that reinventing period, it could feel like wandering around the desert, having lost your way, doubting yourself and your decision. And we must stick it through, so that something old inside us can die, and something new is reborn.”

Whooeee, it has been a long time since I wrote something on this blog.  I have been lost, wondering and wandering, busy reinventing myself.  Last year was a very pivotal year for me, in the sense that everything came together to invite me to give it all up and reinvent myself.

And so I did, with lots of fears and relatively little resistance.

I realized that as much as I LOVED the leadership coaching world, it was too limiting to me.  Because my definition of leadership is much more encompassing that what current executive coaches talk about, and what the corporate world wants to engage in, with me.  To me, leadership is about the whole being: mental, behavioral, SPIRITUAL, SEXUAL, emotional, social, and physical.  When coaching within an organization, it is BELIEVED that it is ONLY appropriate to talk about the mental state, address the behaviors, lightly touch on the emotional and social, maybe include a little spiritual and absolutely do not address the sexual being that we all are.

It came to a point where I could no longer be happy ignoring the most important power center, our sexual energy-power-and truth.  And to be honest, I was scared.  I was scared to really believe in myself and my own wisdom.  So to play it safe, I clamped down, I tried to be good and appropriate, and I pretended like I didn’t see deeper.

Anyway, I left the corporate coaching world and went off to create two new bodies of work: The Reinvention Circle, and Sex Lies and Consciousness.  The Reinvention Circle is a place for people like me: really talented but frustrated because I was not doing EXACTLY what I wanted to do and BE, and fearful because I was afraid if I veered off my current path, I would stop making money and will end up living on the street with my daughter.  Sex Lies and Consciousness started out as a BlogTalk Radio shows of real conversations about sex and relationships, and has become a life of its own.

Today, I am coming back to this cherished work: leadership & executive coaching and integrating all of my voices and my views of how leadership should be in the world.  This time I am not attached to how it should be or what will make me money.  Just going to do it and see how it will all turn out.

Where are you in your own path?  Is there something that is calling you to reinvent yourself and your leadership voice?  Please share…

Do You Need a Partner to Be More Successful?

Just saw this great article from Business Insider on 10 Super Successful Cofounders And Why Their Partnerships Worked

It made me think of my “Lone Ranger” leaders out there doing it on their own. Partnership is NOT easy. It’s like maintaining a marriage. But I know it is essential to your success.

So, how well do you play in a partnership?