Tips to Break Out of the Peasant Pattern

Peasant trying to look powerful

Peasant Pattern Alert.

This picture came to me on FB today.  I do think this is fun and can relate to previous moments in my life where I felt like this.  When I used to feel so down and out, kicked to the curb, tolerated so many unwanted scenarios, and were ignored or mistreated by men and circumstances that I finally pulled myself together, got tough, said “NO”, and stood up to protect myself.

Now that I know about my peasant, princess, and priestess self, this picture definitely depicts what it looks like when a peasant tries to do priestess. When a peasant is so fed up, she tries to access power.  She overly masculinizes herself, gets really tough, thinking she will kick ass. Yet I can sense her power is put on (with the leather and accessories).  It’s not real.  The power conveyed comes on as a reaction to the circumstance, and a teen-ager rebelling.  “So don’t tell me to….”  Her power is not really coming from a deep source, the true priestess source. It comes from the rebellious teenager source.

The danger here is…

I can project forward and see the outcome of this way of being…. she will definitely draw some boundaries, kick some asses, feel temporarily powerful.  But she will end up alone, resentful, righteous, bitter, and hard.  And that will just reinforce the peasant’s bad behaviors and patterns of thinking and relating.

My picture would say “This situation is no longer acceptable.  I am HERE to right it back up.”


If you are stuck in peasant mode: suffering, angry, not liking what you are having, settling for less, confused,rattled, walking on eggshells, fearful of the present and future, (the list goes on….) I can help! 


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