30 Days Of Miracles Is The Second Step Toward Your Rock Awesome HOT LIFE & HOT LOVE

30 Days of Miracles Is The Second Step Toward Your Rock Awesome HOT LIFE & HOT LOVE.

Bookmark this page as it contains everything you need to get started in creating more love and miracles in your life.

You just finished Walking Your Path to Love & Success. You discovered things about yourself and your patterns that you didn’t know you had. Now for the next step: Learning how to love yourself and your circumstances unconditionally. Why? Because I am getting you ready for your love and success. When you bring someone new into your life, you will need to be able to love them unconditionally. And you can’t do that for someone else until you can do it for yourself.

In these 30 days you will create amazing shifts both internally and externally. Imagine the possibility of being happy with your life as is, and having unconditional love with all the peeps in your life, starting with yourself. 

What's between your toes?


FIRST STEPS:  While we are setting up the miracle making machine for you we have a few things for you to get you familiar with the process. If you have any questions about these don’t hesitate to ask.

  • We added you to our international miracle makers community on our private 30 Days to Love and Miracles Facebook group
  • Visit the Amazon site for the Making Miracles in 40 Days book, which this program is based on. You don’t need to buy the book unless you are interested in the background/theory of the work but please do read chapter 1, 2, 5 on the Amazon site.  

YOUR FIRST DAY: Here’s all the information you need to know about our emailing system and phone calls to get started.

  • Friday before the class starts, you will get emails. The first email is a message from Mai explaining the concept a bit more and what to expect. The other email contains links to your and your partner’s writing via Google Doc (it’s like an online diary, that you can share to selected people). You will be assigned a partner whom you will share your writing with. You and your partners will have your individual Google Doc.
  • You can start to write, as soon as you get your Google Doc link.
  • If you are new to Google Drive/Google Doc’s please watch this video to create a Google+ account so you can link your current email and work within our system.
  • Mark your calendar for our weekly Miracle calls on Saturday at 8am Pacific/ 9am Mountain/ 11 Eastern/ 17:00 Central European / 20:00 Dubai / 20:30 India. The call will be on ZOOM. Here is a specific link for the calls: https://zoom.us/j/965428537
  • Can’t make the call? The calls will be posted to the Facebook Group on following Monday under the Files Tab, Call Replays.


First let’s get to know the peasant a little. The Peasant archetype represents our everyday physical self who works so hard to earn and keep love, make life safe and functioning, and to protect and serve our family and community. She is usually exhausted, lonely and depleted. 30 Days of Love container is designed to tend to her needs and heal the wounds that she has accumulated over the many decades of neglect and sacrifice.

For the next 30 days, your peasant gets to “vomit” all of her stuff. We will show her what love and acceptance look like. She gets to complain about her man, her money, her job, her kids, her body, etc… and blame everyone else for her pain. The magical thing is once your peasant throws up all of that stuff and is witnessed by yourself and your assigned partner, a gateway opens. And she will start to feel better, more understood, seen, appreciated, and loved as is. Once that happens, (Miracle #1) she will naturally soften and become more receptive to access her Princess and Priestess. Which will help her become healthier, more joyful, and powerful (Miracle #2). Once all 3Ps are dancing together they will show you how to create the HOT Life you want. (Miracle #3, 4….1000, and so on).


  1. Write on your Google document everyday for 10-15 minutes, please use the same document everyday starting from the top.  You can write at any time during the day. Melodie suggested that you write in the beginning of the day.  I don’t care when you write, as long as you write everyday. 
  2. Your writing will start like this: “Today I am in touch with…”  The rest of the content can be anything you are in touch with.  You can be angry, annoyed, confused, sad, lonely, bored, scared, overwhelmed…  You can then elaborate as much as your peasant self would like to, in order for you to feel heard, seen and understood. We will send you daily prompts to guide you but your peasant is in charge here. 
  3. At the end of your writing or rant, you get to finish with this line “I am grateful to be in touch with these feelings”.
  4. You will then share your Google document to your assigned partner, one of my daily witnesses, and to Mai.  We serve as your witness team.  Your partner will respond with something neutral like “I see you.  Or I send you love.  Or Namaste.” (Remember to check your partners document and comment yourself). The daily witness will witness and point out places to go deeper. Mai will coach you along the way.



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