Work with Me

Women come to me wanting to learn how to date. What they find is that first, they must heal themselves to reclaim and discover their true power. Then they see that they’re worthy of great love. Ultimately, they can have whatever they want.

They must first fall in love with themselves. Then they can become their own best friend, expand their reach and impact in the world. Before they know it, the right man shows up.

This helps break the vicious cycle of love addiction and dysfunctional relationships.

What it looks like…

Guidance, Support, Community, and Practice are the guiding principles and framework within which I work with lovely ladies like you.

You’ll receive first-class teachings and guidance. You’ll become part of an amazing community of women who know how to love, support and accept each other, as is.

You’ll learn how to love and let love in, play, and share in an incredibly supportive community.

This is what makes my program so effective and why I guarantee it.

You no longer need to live in isolation. You can have it all and experience healthy love, free of conditions and codependency.

Guidance, Support, Community, and Practice is the way through.

How do you know if I can help you? It’s very easy and safe:

First, read my book and see if the 3Ps concept and my Guidance resonate with you. If so…

Then, come to my FREE event, HotLifeHotLoveTM. Experience transformation first-hand while Supported and held by my Community.

Now being informed, you’ll be able to best decide if we’re the right fit. It takes continued practice to live and build your new hot life with hot love and support.