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You are about to be introduced to my revolutionary 3Ps™ Concept. My signature concept, via this quiz, will explain what the F$#@ happened, how you got here, and how to redirect yourself so that you will have the love that you want.

You have a night class 1.5 miles away from home. You usually drive yourself. One winter evening you are out with friends and it is more convenient to drop you off instead of taking you home to get your car. The driver, whom you just started dating, asks if you would like him to pick you up afterward. He lives about 10 min away. You respond:
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You are in the middle of renovating your bathroom and finishing up a huge art project with a tight deadline. Your friends called to ask if they can come up and stay with you for 5 days. They can be helpful to your projects. But you will have to pick them up from the airport that is 45 minutes away. What do you tell them?
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You have been flirting, and even had Skype sex, with a man for over 6 months. You really like him and make yourself available whenever he rings. You both dream about him visiting you. Finally he said “I am coming to see you in 2 weeks.” You think…
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You are in the kitchen with your husband. He is peeling an orange (for himself) with a knife. You see the orange and decide that you would like some for yourself.
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