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Mai was a break-out speaker at the What Women Want Conference in Atlanta Oct 2017

The What Women Want Conference was attended by women in business and female entrepreneurs from across the nation. Speakers included Judy Goss (founder), Dr. Robi Ludwig, David Bayer, Monica Shah, Mai Vu, Kricket Harrison and Kelly McNelis. The 2018 What Women Want Conference is scheduled for October 19-20 in Atlanta.

"It's Complicated."

Why do relationships have to be so complicated, whether it's dating or with a client? Listen to experts Mai Vu, founder of Bold, Brave Women/Hot Life Hot Love, and Dr. Colleen Mullen to help us sort it all out no matter what relationship you are trying to simplify.

Mai was mentioned in an article in the Entrepreneur. See 4. Covertly influence.

"A client of mine and founder of the Bold Brave Women Movement, Mai Vu, speaks at a number of events -- many where the audience knows or has heard of her, and some attendees are meeting her for the first time. No matter her situation, she always looks to have a member of her community that she has impacted or dramatically changed the life of, make an introduction for her."

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"Mai Vu, relationship coach continues her "Hot Life, Hot Love" events in the Bay Area and Sweden, as well as webinars, and private coaching internationally, to teach women that they deserve to be loved, cherished and adored. She assists women by guiding them to the path of finding self-love and balance in life, through implementing her relatable and unique methodology..."

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Mai contributed to an article for LifeHack. See Habit #17: Expecting Respect.

"Even though I look like a stay-at-home mom, I am not. I run a business from home. They must respect the fact that I work, so if I am on the phone, they must be quiet and respect my clients. In return, I respect their needs of me. When it is their time, I am devoted to them. Very little cheating is involved. No guilt..."

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Mai was featured in the Asian Women of Power.

"The number of marriages without sex, having an affair and divorce are increasing rapidly in the Asian community. Our guest, Mai Vu, is qualified to talk about this topic openly and directly. Mai is a bestselling author of The Divorced Mom’s Guide to Dating and an international speaker on various topics like, Are You Dating Like a Peasant?, Begging for Love and Attention Instead of Attracting the Love That is Rightfully Yours. Mai has been featured on CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC, in Entrepreneur Magazine, Wealthy Women Magazine and Mr. Dad Podcast. Mai is changing how women across the world work, love and lead."

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Mai Vu's Book - Press Release

Relationship Coach Mai Vu Pens Book on How to be Loved, Adored and Cherished

Pleasanton, CA, United States

“I believe women should stop working so hard, trying to please everyone. In other words, stop being a Peasant in their life. Instead get to know their Princess and Priestess selves for guidance and access to a much “hotter” life.” stated Ms. Vu.

The Divorced Mom’s Guide to Dating – How to Be Loved, Adored and Cherished, the first book by international relationship coach Mai Vu, reached bestseller status this week. The book answers the question, “Why do I work so hard, but I am not getting the love, success, and support that I want?”

The book introduces the 3Ps concept, and Mai Vu takes women on a journey back to themselves and their birthright. Then Ms.Vu helps the women expand into their freedom and power. The book is a blueprint on how to create a new life and the result is, a HotLifeHotLove.

In addition to offering dating tips for divorced moms, Ms. Vu shows women how to attract that special someone, and how to be loved, adored and cherished, in everything they do. While the focus of the book is on dating, all aspects of the reader’s life will be improved including their business or work life….

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About Mai

Mai Vu shows hardworking divorced moms how to have that great romance, where they are loved, adored and cherished by their man while raising healthy, well balanced children, and rocking their career! Mai calls this Hot Life Hot Love. She is the author of The Divorced Mom’s Guide to Dating: How to be Loved, Adored and Cherished now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and the Google Store.

The first certified Asian Female CoActive coach in the world, Mai Vu came onto the budding coaching world twenty years ago. She has helped over a thousand women live a Hot Life with Hot Love, and has an international following of clients who call her aMAIzing.

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